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Soothing - Lavender Lavandin Body Oil

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What is Body Oil?  Body Oil is a preservative-free upgrade/alternative to lotion or cream.  Emulsions of water/oil (aka lotion), or oil/water (aka cream) necessarily require preservation.  It's a trick in which they initially appear to moisturize but ultimately degrade the skin's own healthy biome.  This gradual degradation leads one to reapply and enter the cycle of "lotion addiction" thinking that more lotion will solve the problem that the lotion created in the first place.  Jump off the crazy train of synthetics, and enter the simplified world of Body Oil.  Our Local Organic Fresh pressed Sunflower Oil, Organic Jojoba OIl, Fresh Organic Virgin Olive Oil, and Single Source Vitamin E OIl is the lipid base of our lightest emollient blend.

How do you use Body Oil?  The application of Body Oil in the shower is a great way to replace synthetic lotion and restore radiance.  Fresh oil meets fresh water when you apply Body Oil to freshly washed skin to capture and hold the water in your dermal stratum.  You control how thick of a lipid layer is applied thus;

Body Oil on visibly wet skin for the thinnest layer of protection.

Body Oil on hydrated but patted dry skin, for a durable layer of protection.

Body Oil on dry skin gives an enduring slip in a massage setting.

Who needs Body Oil?  People seeking to reduce exposures to synthetics whilst enhancing dermal resilience and maintaining hydration within the body.  

SOOTHING lavender lavandin

Homage to the Queen Mother of Aromatherapy, featuring classic Bulgarian Lavander, mingling with the high mountain Provencale hybrid, Lavandin.  Together, they give cooling, soothing hugs to your limbic system, the vibrational realm of feelings.  Immerse your body and soul in Her misty field of grace.