Face Kits
Face Kits

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Face Kits

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Two Magnitudes
Travel Kit  ~  Home Set
Four Products
Hydration Mist  ~ Face Polish ~  Cleansing Oil  ~  Treatment Oil 

The synergy of using all four products as intended brings balance to your unique dermal expression using aromas, emollients, and energetics.
 Hydrate and Protect for resilience, protection, and vitality
Hydration Mist and Treatment Oil under or instead of makeup
Close the day by removing impurities from the dermal surface  
alternating Face Polish and Facial Cleansing Oil
Face Polish cleanses moisturizes and protects, complete.
Facial Cleansing Oil, is a deep cleanser leaving the skin squeaky clean, follow
Hydration Mist and Treatment oil for a potent layer of protection.
Home Set
your daily ritual 
$190.00 Value $144.00
 Facial Cleansing Oil 4 fl oz
Hydration Mist 4 fl oz 
 Face Polish 12 oz net wt
Facial Treatment Oil 1 fl oz 
Travel Set
for your getaway 
$50.00 Value  $41.00
 Facial Cleansing Oil 1 fl oz
Hydration Mist 1 fl oz 
 Face Polish .5 oz net wt
Facial Treatment Oil .33 fl oz