Facial Hydration Mist
Facial Hydration Mist
Facial Hydration Mist

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Facial Hydration Mist

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Mist face after deep cleansing with facial cleansing oil.
Mist face before moisturizing with Facial Treatment oil.
Mist face after applying mineral makeup to set the powder.
Mist face anytime to refresh your dermal biome, reboot your vibe and restore balance.
Choose which Resolution you would like to make!

Radiant Resolution

 Chamomile Hydrosol, swimming in purifying Ionic Silver Water cools and soothes reacting, irritated, or skin.

Rosy Resolution

Rose Hydrosol, swirling in Ionic Silver Water rejuvenates and refreshes ruddy or inflamed skin.

Youthful Resolution

 Lavender Hydrosol, flowing with Ionic Silver Water, balances and harmonizes the dermal biome, optimizing vitality and healthy function.