Welcoming Fragrance Free

Welcoming Fragrance Free

Trillium’s Fragrance Free means more than just the absence of fragrance, it describes base formulas free from all irritants, allergens, and sensitizers giving you a refuge of quiet, calm, and non-irritation.  We prepare our unscented solutions for the most sensitive and fragile skin.  Infants, those in recovery from dermal trauma and those who have been overexposed to synthetic petrochemicals to thepoint of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

For those who can’t even use conventional fragrance free products without paying for it.  For you, who are on the path back to balance from a health crisis.

We honor your experience and support you with products that will help you welcome wellness back into your skin biome. 

Trillium’s commitment to purity means meticulously sourcing every ingredient that we include in our base formulations to specifically exclude both products and processes which do not have a history of safe human use across the evolutionary timeline. 

Trillium products are always paraben free, phthalate free, petroleum free (processing included), artificial color free, cruelty free, synthetic fragrance free.

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