Lucrative Lavatory Body Polish Dispenser Sponsorship
Lucrative Lavatory Body Polish Dispenser Sponsorship

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Lucrative Lavatory Body Polish Dispenser Sponsorship

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Ready to Launch you own Lucrative Lavatory?

Your world of Influence has room for 

Sparking joy gratitude, wonder and delight

Infectious feelings of having Arrived Now Here.

The bright essential aromas, light salty energetics, and organic emollients speak silent volumes to our nervous system, imparting an enigmatically uplifting and grounding experience.

Such a powerful and unexpected way to welcome your clients buoys a vibrational trend that resonates throughout the space, positively supporting the emotional experience of everyone present.

2022 The Dispenser Stands Alone
(no onsite retail capabilities  required)
 Custom QR Codebroadcast from the dispenser itself 
brings the client to a secure procurement portal
Products Promptly shipped Fresh from the Formulary
21% of coded sales goes to You as Dispenser Sponsor 

for those who serve humanity face to face,
one human-to-human connection at a time.
Ponder the potential of patrons who suddenly feel really good.

Salt Caves, Spas, Wellness Studios
Restaurants, Wineries, Craft Breweries,
Chiropractic, Counseling and Dental Offices
Creator spaces, Experiential, and Event Spaces

Enrollment provides you with your own private dashboard 
where you can see your commissions accruing in real-time.
Take your commissions through PayPal Quarterly,
Or, Better yet...
Dispenser Sponsors Procure Products as a
Password Protected Professional 
Additional discounts from 21% to 51% 
Purchase of this item enrolls you as a Dispenser Sponsor.
Complete Package to launch you own Lucrative Lavatory