Paths to Tribe Trillium

Paths to Tribe Trillium


 Radical Self-Care is what is required for us to bring our love, compassion and creativity to life.  Tribe Trillium was established to nurture and support each unique individual's rise. Ease stress, and enhance resilience with vibrational hygiene.   Self-care solutions, curated for your lifestyle, scented with the aroma that sparks joy for you.  

We designed this program to help our beloved care givers, artists and amazons.

We support & supply those who care for others with unconditional self-care.

You cannot give what you do not have, and self love is something we alone can give to ourselves.  

When you are ready to accept that God is alive within each one of us.  Caring for oneself and communing with the God(dess) within is an act of compassion for us all.

Purchase of a path automatically enrolls you in Tribe Trillium, which provides you with Free Sparks to Share, and a custom Affiliate Code earns you 10% and gives you friends a 10% discount.  

Which Path do you walk?

The Caring Path- Supporting carers in all capacities, familial or professional attending to the wind of birth, existence or transition,  Deeply nurturing solutions for unconditional self-care.  Recharging one's own emotional vitality and resilience enables them to bring light and love to those one cares for.  

The Creative Path-  Some of us have such a passionate drive to create our art, that we can ignore much else.  This can lead to overworked, chapped skin, which can turn into cracked callouses, which can throw a damper on the high flying joy of creation. The creative path gives you all of the solutions and some simple skin maintenance practices that will keep your callouses working for you, not against you.

The Ascension Path The pressures upon every human to remain trapped within the Matrix of fear and separation are ramping.  Ease symptoms of ascension with vibrational hygiene to brings one's countenance into harmonic coherence.  We support ourselves and one another to actively detox from disempowering programs.  We choose instead to explore and experience our skin as a receiver of vibrational information.  Actively wielding our Free Will to seek unconditional self-compassion, creating the New Gaia, Heaven Here and Now.


Every path when purchased automatically enrolls you in our Affiliate Program, Tribe Trillium, and provides you with sparks to share with your own.  This is not an MLM pressure sales/get-rich-quick program.  This is a conscious celebration of the divine feminine within us all.  An intentional choice to care unconditionally for yourself, healing the programmed separation within your own consciousness.  The products you purchase are for your OWN self-care practice.  

Once you begin to realize how transformational unconditional self-care is in your life, it becomes natural to share with others the opportunity to choose their own magnificence. When you level up into Grace,  sharing sparks will be an appropriate and powerful way to radiate the example of enlightened self-love that you have become.  

There is gift in being a giver, and that adds energy and forward motion to your own abundance.   

Of course, abundance can be reduced to currency as well as free-flowing energy.

10% of purchases made with your code go to you. (paypal'ed monthly, or used to purchase more Polish)

Once a person uses your code once,  their subsequent purchases will create commissions for you even when they don't enter your code.

You have access to your own dashboard that makes virtual social sharing super easy