The Creative Path
The Creative Path
The Creative Path
The Creative Path
The Creative Path
The Creative Path
The Creative Path
The Creative Path
The Creative Path
The Creative Path
The Creative Path
The Creative Path

Trillium Herbal Company

The Creative Path

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Everything you need to get into your Creative Zone!
Are you a creator?  Do you work with your hands? So do we!  We are Carpenters, Gardeners, Potters, Jewelers, Painters, Sculptors, Farmers, Wildcrafters, Makers, Homesteaders, Do It Yourselfers, and Entrepreneurs. 
So passionate are we about our work, that sometimes we wear out our hands in our zeal and abandon!  Dry, cracked hands, or heels, can be ignored until they start to hurt to finally get your attention.  Regular rituals, like finishing each work session by removing what no longer serves (dead skin and dirt) clean hands with Body Polish.  Starting the day with a bit of extra dermal protection with Body Butter.  Taking the time to care for your hands, and your hard-won callouses, keeping them conditioned and flexible to prevent tightness which leads to cracking.  The crafter's lifestyle includes taking care of your tools, your hands are the most precious and supportive allies you have in your toolkit! 
The Creative Path to Tribe Trillium
What's Included
8 oz Body Butter
24 oz Jar Body Polish
3 Free Body Butter Sparks
3 Free Body Polish Sparks
The Creative Path to Tribe Trillium is for YOU!
Everything you need to keep your skin in the game!
8 fl oz Body Butter!
Apply Before you Dive into your Projects
Rich lipids add a layer of insulation and occlusion, enhancing barrier function.
24 oz net wt Body Polish!
Enjoy After you've had your work session!
Exfoliate dry skin and the days grime, to reveal fresh new skin. stimulate circulation, restore the lipids in the dermal biome and energize your cells.  Setting your skin on to the trajectory of recovery, and shifting your senses to embrace the relaxing, regenerative part of your balanced awesome creators' day!
3 Body Butter Sparks! Free
3 Body Polish Sparks!  Free
Membership in Tribe Trillium
You are going to love how your skin feels and how resilient it stays even when you are working hard.   Suddenly, instead of tight dry cracking hands,  your hands are eager for the challenges that you are happily tackling.  Your life improves because you are taking time to care for yourself and support your passions as the empowered creator of your world.
You are going to want to share it with your friends who may also use/and abuse their hands in the pursuit of their passions!  So there are samples of the Polish and Butter you're enjoying that you can share.
The Sparks are an unconditional gift, from Tribe Trillium to you, from you to your own companions.  It is a gift and an invitation.
When you purchase the package you will automatically be enrolled in Tribe Trillium, as a Creator.
Your membership in the Tribe will provide you with your own affiliate code, which you can choose to share/text to the people whom your gift with a Spark. 
If they choose to purchase using your code,  you earn 10% of their product purchases totaled and paid through PayPal to you monthly. How small your keep it or how big you build it is up to you.  At the very least, it's a great way to support your own supply of Trillium Herbal Solutions! Once your place your order for the Creator's Cache an email will land in your inbox and a powerful toolbox for sharing is yours to explore.
Whatever you choose, we love that you are living the life of your greatest aspirations and we are here making the solutions that support you. Whether your gifts are earning you good karma or good currency, it's all good! 
Each compassionate act brings more light to our planet.  Through individual acts of kindness, we are creating heaven on earth, yes, we aspire to spontaneous universal peace.