As we release what no longer serves, we can aid our bodies to let go of environmental toxins, toxic beliefs, and attitudes, which may prevent us from powering up fully.  This Collection includes solutions offered freely by plant allies that can help us to liberate our bodies, from matter that has accumulated in our biological bodies.   

Quantum Physics has now revealed to our awareness that the energies which we animate with our physical bodies are precursors to any physical manifestation of health or dis-ease.  Indeed, dis-ease, is our body's messaging system asking our bodies to realign our energies towards a higher expression of sentient life.  

All of the organic botanical solutions included in this collection can be used together or individually to focus our attention upon the release of any self-limiting habits or beliefs which our body's messaging system is revealing to our individual awareness.  Plant allies within the solutions are eager to open your awareness to what your body is telling you about how you are choosing to live your own wild and precious life.