The Original Body Polish

The Original Body Polish

The one and only.
Superior salt scrub. 

Arguably the most essential product in our range, The Original Body Polish is the ultimate way to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin.

This is the first action to take to bring your skin back to balance. Remove dry and dead skin, restore the lipid layer of protection.  Rub it on dry skin, and roll the crystals over your skin to exfoliate, rinse off, and rub the wet oil into skin to create a fresh hydrated skin protected by a lipid layer. The process restores, seals and protects your dermal biome. Safe and effective for daily use!

Ingredient Function  Source
Organic Sunflower Oil Emollient Sunflower Seeds
Purified Salt Crystals Exfoliant Ancient Seabed
Organic Lecithin Emulsifier Soy Beans
Vitamin E Oil Antioxidant Sunflower Seeds
Pure Essential Oils Aromatherapy Flowers, Leaves, Bark


Recommended for everyone with skin.
Use regularly to keep skin maximally resilient
Incredibly effective for dry skin, cracking calluses, ashy skin and sensitive skin.