The Original Body Polish

The Original Body Polish

New Flexible Foil pouches are super high functioning.

The Pouch keeps the fresh volatile therapeutic oils fresher longer!  
Simply roll down foil pushing all air out of the pouch and clip it.
Foil lined pouches protect polish from light, air, and moisture.
Sealed pouches will last for a decades
Jars held polish good for one year after opening,
Pouches, kept tight, keep Body Polish good for at least three years.

Pounches reduce the per unit plastic use by 80%
Reduce our warehouse for empty packaging, by 70%

Body Polish restores luster to the skin instantly.
Salt crystals exfoliate depleted cells and organic emollients restore the lipid barrier.
Visibly and invisibly improves dermal resilience with each use.

Apply to dry skin,  leave polish upon the skin for three minutes or longer.
Feel the good vibes as salt's perpetual gift of negative ions greets your nerve endings.
Refresh your Spirit to meet the new day or any challenge.
Reboot emotional bandwidth if feeling fearful, easily triggered or stressed.
Recharge when feeling depleted and run down.
Enjoy the alignment as the dynamic balance of positive and negative electrons
harmonizes your autonomic nervous systems into a feeling of well-being.
Mostly, we want you to have a Good Polishing Experience.
If you've already recycled your last jar,  and you feel the need, we're happy to send one along, just send us a message and we'll pop a clean empty in your order!
You may prefer The Dispenser, custom-designed by Karen just for Body Polish,
available in black or white, easily sticks to glass or fiberglass leaving no trace when removed.