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Calming Body Polish EcoPack 1lb
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Calming Lavender Geranium Body Polish

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The Original Body Polish in Trillium's Signature Aroma, Calming Lavender Geranium.

Who is Body Polish for?  Beings who shower in municipal water, or have used body wash or harsh soaps can experience dry, tight, flakey, ashy, or lackluster skin.  Beings who work with their hands, constantly sanitizing or washing them, or whose work keeps them perpetually on their feet can experience rough, calloused, cracked skin.  Beings who simply want their skin to feel flexible, radiant, and resilient.  Beings who experience patches of dry or irritated skin, after reacting to internal or external irritants or allergens.  While it is important to listen to the message your skin is delivering to you about your internal health or external lifestyle, Body Polish can delete the message and instantly restore radiance to the skin's surface. With regular use, Body Polish will maintain the skin's essential healthy function.

How to Use Body Polish?   Smooth Body Polish over the skin's surface, with the flat palms of your hands.  Apply to specific areas, or cover the entire body.  Roll the oil-rich crystals of salt over the surface to mobilize lymph.  Rinse with warm water, pat away water, rub residual oil into hydrated skin to maximize the lipid barrier.

Why Trillium Body Polish?   Our Body Polish has been rejuvenating and restoring skin since 1994.  Karen diligently researched and experienced every single ingredient in detail until she achieved the perfect skin solution.  The Salt is gently exfoliating, never damaging to the skin's surface. We use exclusively ultra-purified sodium crystals.  Each one is a perfect crystalline cube, with no sharp corners to scratch skin like crushed salt ( Himalayan Pink) or mineral salts, whose crystalline structures are misshapen by minerals and other contaminants.   The Fresh Local Organic Sunflower Oil, single-source Sunflower vitamin E, and Organic Lecithin create a resilient lipid barrier of protection from dehydration.   Restoring, revitalizing, and protecting skin instantly, Body polish improves healthy skin function with every use.   Body Polish exfoliates, moisturizes, and protects the dermis, restoring its essential barrier function, so you can focus on living your life fully.

What is Calming Body Polish Made of? Crystals of ultra-purified Salt, swimming in Local Organic Sunflower Oil, Single Source Sunflower Vitamin E Oil, Organic Lecithin, illuminated by Bulgarian Lavender and Egyptian Geranium. 

CALMING Lavender Geranium
This iconic blend is Trillium's signature scent, treasured by all for its balancing, harmonizing effect.  Aromatherapy acts upon our senses through absorption or inhalation directly acting upon the limbic, the realm of our feelings.    Calming Blends can be understood through AyurVedic as balancing for the Pitta Dosha.