Trillium Herbal has been making solutions for use within the Steamy Wonder for two decades.  We are proud to present our newly repackaged, renamed and rebooted treatment packages.


We repackaged the Treatments to reduce packaging waste, enhance user convenience, and facilitate solutions for services using the Steamy Wonder at every volume level. you can now purchase 1 treatment, 4 treatments and 16 treatments, and get the correct portions of every products needed.


Purification and Maximum Detox is now Clearing & Detox

Weightloss and Cellulite is now Warming & Toning

Sore Joint and Muscle is now Calming & Relieving


In light of the modern experience of electrosmog.  We have added a new step to the Steamy Wonder Protocols.  Inserted after the full body massage, and before the Body Mud and Steam.  Smooth Body Polish over the oiled but not wet body, and allowing it to remain on the skin's surface for 3-9 minutes,  the pause allows the salts to proceed through a few cycles of polarizing energies, restoring harmonic coherence to the surface, and enhancing the receptivity of the dermal surface to the rest of the therapeutic treatment.