Steamy Wonder Detox Treatment
Steamy Wonder Detox Treatment
Steamy Wonder Detox Treatment
Steamy Wonder Detox Treatment

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Steamy Wonder Detox Treatment

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Steamy Wonder's most popular and powerful treatment flow.   May be given as a single visit, for a cyclical seasonal detox treatment, or as a series of four consecutive weekly treatments for a deep cellular detox.  Deep Detox can help restore vitality to the body pursuant to positive lifestyle transformation, or following chemotherapy.
The Maximum Purification and Detox Treatment has been newly repackaged!
Reducing plastic, enhancing preservation, portioning conveniently, and value pricing.
1 Detox Treatment
 4 Detox Treatments
16 Detox Treatments
Each set includes a full set of solutions and protocols to complete a Clearing & Detox Treatment.  Massage body into receptive calm with Clearing Cedar Sage Body Oil.  Botanically mobilize lymph with targetted Ayurvedic Lymph Oil. 
Reboot the surface vibration into resonance with Clearing  Body Polish.
Mineralize and magnetize the dermal biome with hydrated Detox Body Mud.
Hydrated botanicals steam the body with Clearing Steaming Herbs.
Protect the therapeutic benefits and hydration with Clearing Body Butter.