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You felt the TRILLIUM difference.


We believe that how we do things matters. 

We carefully source, hand blend, hand fill and hand label everything.

We believe that who you do things for matters

Our products are for earthlings, who thrive here on earth

we believe that the reasons why you do things matters

You are feeling the absence of the toxic micro dis-empowerment of conventional topicals.

Trillium was one of the first USDA Certified Organic Topical range  (2000), we remain forever free from Synthetic Fragrance, Artificial Preservatives, Petrochemicals.

The polarizing salt, the insulating oils restore balance and resilience to your epineurium (the peripheral nerves housed in your skin). 

That is what you felt.  Imagine what you would feel if you polished your entire body?  Better yet  Buy a Jar and feel it for yourself!

The reason why you chased the QR code and ended up on this page is because you felt something, and it felt good. For decades we focused exclusively upon the benefits of the organic oils and essential oils, we considered the salt as a perfectly shaped, delightfully dissolving, but rather inert ingredient, we have come to realize that it is doing something else.  Known by science and spiritualists alike to capture and hold discordant energies.  We are all swimming in a sea of discord served up to us from wired and wireless EMF's. 

Get a




We are Trillium Herbal Company, established in 1994 to bring wholesomeness back to personal care.  

Back then, almost everything on the shelf was a disempowering blend of hormone impersonators, endocrine disruptors, and carcinogens.  Before 2000, it was difficult to find natural skincare, and Organic skincare was unheard of.  Trillium was one of the first personal care companies to earn the prestigious USDA Organic Seal, in 2000. Trillium was an original signer to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.




chosen for it's evolutionarily significant record of safe human use.  The prerequisite for every ingredient we use.

You can feel the peace of  the utter absence of synthetic chemicals and artificial frequencies.  You felt it on your hands, and the feeling was strong enough to get you to read thus far. 

Imagine what it feels like on your entire body, you can instantly bring your body from overwhelm into a state of calm, alert, coherence.  You refresh, and restore your dermal biome, gently exfoliating and oiling protection.  Perfect preparation for healing, spiritual work, studying, concentration.

The therapeutic aromatherapy sings directly to your limbic system (bio-hack your autonomic nervous system).  Your cells literally resonate with the elemental Crystals of salt, the bio-geometrically potent crystalline cubes polarize your peripheral nerves in the dance of saltatory conduction. 

After caregiving her mother through a decade of Parkinson's Disease, Karen realized that our salt has an uncanny effect upon the skin.  Deep dives into the Epineurium, the peripheral nervous system located in the dermal biome. 

Body scrubs are commonplace. Incredibly, most brands continue to miss the entire point, making instead a conventional mess of artificial and synthetic oils, fragrances and preservatives.

Trillium Herbal Solutions are all respectfully pressed, distilled, infused, blended and poured  fresh.  We expressly excluding all synthetic processing additives, artificial fragrance,

and paraben preservatives, or petroleum products. 

Fresh from the Formulary

essences, energetics, and emolllients  

Our focus is on how your feel, as a way to welcome wellness.

Our Aromatherapy Options are yours to choose.