We Want The Land Coalition

Sisters my Sisters!
Did you know that you can Support WWTLC by supporting your own
Unconditional Self care into Unconditional Self Acceptance
and experiennce of Unconditional Self Love
You recall, that feeling we actively cultivated in one another on the Land.
The Magick of the Land was and is real. 
The feeling of UNconditional love was and Is ours to create and enjoy.
It is now ours to bring forth the feeling and reality of
Divine Feminine Empowerment that was Michigan
Unconditional acceptance of one another and our selves was possible within the bubble provided by the strong boundaries which enabled our safety and freedom to experience the abundance wheel 
giving, receiving and having unconditionally
It was a welcome respite from the marginalization of the false matrix
 Michigan was divine sanctuary
We were the pioneers of what we now can bring forth into the entire planet.
New Earth, Unity Consciousness
I believe that we indeed created New Earth for ten days every year.
Today we are being asked to cultivate that Grace within each one of us individually.
Trillium can help get you (back?) there.
The journey to unconditional divine self love
is like dancing lessons, it takes practice, and protection. 
Stay Salty for a Spell
Body Polish, applied to dry skin and held on the surface creates an interference pattern from your "previously scheduled programming"  You know, the artificially broadcast frequencies which pervade our homes, neighborhoods, towns and cities. 
Salt, held on the surface sets up a quantum dynamic of ionic exchange called "saltatory conduction"  a flow of sodium and potassium ions across the dermal barrier, restoring balanced charge to your peripheral nerves. 
For your conscious awareness, this electromagnetic shift puts you into a vibration of grounded peace.  The salt crystals themselves are each a perfect crystalline cube.  The bio-geometrically potent cube is a platonic solid which holds the energy of Earth.  
Within the crystalline blanket of salt, your conscious awareness gets a break form the vibrational cacophony of distraction and disruption and chaos.  It's like jumping out of the frying pan into a fresh pond.
While you are alone with your self in the garden, lower vibe thoughts may float in, sit with the energy of that thought until it is infused with love and sparks gratitude.
Bring it Back
Along the path of your day, if you get triggered into polarity and reactivity
Any Trillium Solution of the same Aroma can resonate the limbic brain back into that high level of coherence achieved earlier.  Inhale, and resonate your cells back into the experience of deep peace.  
Stabilize the Sensation
Trillium's rich organic emollients insulate the peripheral nerves, 
restore the barrier function of the dermal biome
Increasingly, you can Radiate Grace from within.
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
repeatedly bringing your divine point of attention into resonance
reinforcing your +boundaries and dermal barrier for resilience
integrate thoughts feelings and expressions cultivates radiance

Are you ready for your personal care that cares about you personally?

Are you tired of skincare companies focusing upon everyone else, all the while ignoring your best interests?

You're not imagining it, that is precisely what is happening. 

Even with a wink and nod to so called "body positivity"  conventional skincare companies reinforce our insecurities by telling us to

"change yourself to get others' appraisal and approval" 

Claims to make you 

look younger,

look thinner,

look tanner,

look whiter,

look "other than you are"

kinda makes you wonder

"what the heck is wrong with me in the first place? "

We think Self Care should focus upon

what is Right with us!  

Organic and Natural self care products and protocols which

take you on your own personal journey

of self perception, into self acceptance, into self empowerment, into self love.

On a solid foundation of self love,

We empower ourselves to create lives that we love!  

When we live into our passions with imagination, intuition and empathy

It is though our own Self Empowerment that

We create New Earth!

Trillium was started in 1994 by a mama on a mission to create appropriately non-toxic skincare for her own young family. 

OGmama, a handle she earned by creating one of the very first USDA Certified Organic Personal Care brands in 2000. 

Karen still owns and operates the company. 

Which brings us to the next ugly irony of conventional personal care,

it's quite often toxic!

Bodywash  is a sad slurry of synthetic surfactants that strip protective lipids from your dermal biome, creating the need for moisturizers.

Lotions and creams made possible by petrochemical preservatives that destroy the probiotic balance of your dermal biome.

All of it is cloaked in synthetic fragrances, many known to be carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and hormone impersonators.

Even so called fragrance free cosmetics include a covering scent,

to hide the stench of the lies perhaps?


OGmama founded Trillium specifically to offer an alternative to

 the patriarchal poisoning protocols,

our intentionally sourced and mindfully hand crafted solutions are

"Empowered by AI (Authetic Integrity)"

Or get your own online.....
Restore Integrity to your memBRAIN's Perception




Do you choose to avoid dis-empowering toxic exposures?

have you already been exposed to the point of sensitivity?

Harmonious Habits Transform Lives


Welcome Wellness Within

 Trillium Herbal Company
Authentic Organic and Natural Skincare
Handcrafted in Door County 


Trillium was founded by a fresh green lawyer, who learned early that the court system was not the only place to make change.   Always the champion of women, Karen Ciesar (OGmama) and her law partner brought one of the first Title 9 Sexual Harassment cases in California,  ultimately established important precedent in the California Supreme Court, "Catchpole v Brannon,1995." Look it up, it's a time stamped snapshot of how far women have come in America.  

Karen, a new mother, began her journey into the minefield of American personal care with the birth of her first child, Zephyr.  Unable to make sense of the ingredients, and dubious of the intentions of large corporations, she studied herbalism and midwifery, and wise woman ways for the next decades. Blessed BE All of the living Goddesses who have inspired Trillium through this amazing journey.  

It all started with a simple question

How did our great grandmothers handle caring for their children?

before the conventional mass marketing of toxic dis-empowerment

Karen, set out to create products that honored the grace and integrity of

humans as a part of, not "in spite of" our connection to nature she wanted to create experiences to facilitate sacred connections

of  humans with themselves and with the one's they love and care for.

To that end, she devised one rule that still stands today

Trillium is made 

EXCLUSIVELY of ingredients with an

"Evolutionarily Significant History of safe human use"

Karen was a founding member and original signatory to 

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics  

in 1999, Trillium made history as one of the

first USDA Certified Organic Personal Care Brands, ever.

Trillium was Certified Organic for 2 years (1999 to 2001)

and after fighting for the right

Certified Organic for 17 years (2003 to 2020)

Green America

Gold Business Member 

Endorsed as a "Trusted Brand" by

Organic Consumers Association

"Coming Clean Campaign"

Trillium stands upon the foundation of trust built over three decades of providing Organic and Natural Dermal Solutions to the Natural Products, Spa, Wellness and Hospitality Industries.

We have sent products to stockists and consumers in 27 countries.

Original Owner Operated

Founder Formulated

Family Focused

Self Care for New Earth Awakening

 Raise the vibe of your  Clients Community and Cohorts!
Find out how you can Sponsor a Dispenser, or use the Products in Services at your restaurant. maker space, event space, theater, spa, community center, wellness studio, or fund raiser!
Thank you for Trusting Trillium