The Ascension Path
The Ascension Path
The Ascension Path
The Ascension Path
The Ascension Path
The Ascension Path
The Ascension Path
The Ascension Path
The Ascension Path
The Ascension Path
The Ascension Path

Trillium Herbal Company

The Ascension Path

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The Ascension Path to Tribe Trillium

Ascension is a personal, individual free will choice.

Understood as the personal alignment with Life Source energy, ascension is more about who you are than what you do.  Nonetheless, regular vibrational hygiene, and unconditional self care can create the conditions for harmonic balance of one's light body.  The space between subatomic particles is love.  Feelings, energies in motion, when balanced, opens your awareness to the divine life force within all life, including you.

This is an elegant, economical and ecological path to raising one's vibration in the privacy and sanctuary of your shower.

Vibrational Hygiene can be a powerful daily practice

Welcoming grace through resonance into resilience, and ultimately, radiance.  Crystals of salt on the skin's surface provides negative ions to our positively charged cells, while lubricating and insulating the nerve endings with organic emollients.  optimizes conditions for coherent inner awareness.

Set's the body into a field of coherence, protected by a 

We have designed the dream setup for Body Polish.

A glossy surface mounting dispenser for splash safe, one hand access.

2 pound Refill Pouch, uses 80% less plastic material than a jar.

We have added Sparks for you to share when your start glowing,

and everyone starts asking "what's your secret?"

This Path, includes automatic enrollment in  Tribe Trillium, a space where we celebrate our light bodies, through Unconditional Self Care, with Vibrational Hygiene.

Earn 10% of orders placed with your TribeTag, even your own!

What's Included

2 lbs of Body Polish 

One Dispenser 

3 Sparks of Body Polish

$91.20 Value for only $76.20

Membership in Tribe Trillium 


The Polished Path is the Old Soul expression that is Trillium.
Giving to yourself is a sacred act of honoring your magnificence.

Regular Vibrational Hygiene is a practice for our new world of wireless pollution
Over time, the resonance becomes your coherence, balance becomes your resilience and radiance becomes your appearance.
Living in the frequency of self-compassion, sharing becomes joyful.
The Polished Path integrates it all, and brings together a community of Gaia grounded  lightworkers who support humanity's ascension, by uplifting themselves.
When you make a purchase of one of the "Paths", you'll automatically be added into the Trillium's affiliate program where you'll have access to your very own affiliate code that you can share with your community!