Professional Portal to Sponsor a Dispenser

Sponsor a Dispenser of BODY SOAP or BODY POLISH

Which EMOTIONING Essential Aroma best suits your audience?

 WELCOMING for acute healing space
SOOTHING, for the wellness spa retreat
CALMING for everywhere else
CLEARING for the salt cave
INVIGORATING for the juice bar
REVITALIZING for the restaurant
REFRESHINGfor the fitness studio
WARMING for the cozy coffeehouse
SALTWASH for the craft brewery


Tribe Trillium, membership provides you with your own dashboard right through your password protected Login, a convenient place to organize and schedule your social sharing, to promote your events, offerings or services.
The essential aromas, quantum energetics, and emollients speak silent volumes to the nervous system, uplifting and grounding them.

Such a powerful and unexpected way to welcome your clients buoys a vibrational trend that resonates throughout the space, positively supporting the emotional experience of everyone there. 


Now, at long last, The Dispenser Stands Alone

The virtual transaction sparked by your custom QR Code,

is Promptly shipped "Fresh from the Formulary"

21% of the deal is attributed to You as Dispenser Sponsor 

You have your own private dashboard where you can see everything in real time


Take your commissions through PayPal Quarterly,

Or, Better yet...

Dispenser Sponsors Procure Product  as a Password Protected Professional 

(Discounts range 21% to 51% off)



Dispenser-supported Body Polish/Salt Wash is always the best-selling "Merch" in any retail section if you offer retail onsite. The online option simply attributes all of the customers who prefer to shop online, letting us know that they found it through YOU!
Commissions can be used to purchase anything at your regular discount, bulk for services, or dispensers. or retail for resale.