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In Trillium, we recognize your skin as your magnificent receiver of light borne information.

Your intelligent mem"brain" is access to your autonomic nervous system.

Skin is the door to the temple of your lightbody

Integrating the Unconditional Self Care of Trillium into your daily routine transforms your connection with your divine within.

Leave behind the self sabotaging soup of synthetic detergents, neurotoxic fragrances, hormone impersonators, nano solar blockers and endocrine disruptors found in conventional body wash, lotion, cosmetics and sunscreen.

Welcome wellness instead, by creating the conditions to power up your body of light.

~ Ethereal Aromas ~ 

Aromatherapy blends speak to our perception through inhalation and absorbtion, Olfactory nerves are a direct pathway to your limbic, autonomic, nervous system. Each blend is named for the feeling it invokes, Calming, Warming, Clearing, Refreshing, Revitalizing, Invigorating, Soothing, Welcoming.

~ Organic Emollients ~

Local, Organic Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and therapeutic grade Phospholipids restore the dermal barrier function.

Lipids insulate and lubricate the dermal barrier and the perpheral nerves, optimizing action potential and resilience.

~ Quantum Energetics ~

Salt's perfect crystals stimulate circulation, mobilize lymph, and exfoliate spent skin cells.

Salt creates conditions for balance on skin bombarded daily by EMF's. Saltatory Conduction can easily be facilitated with Body Polish.

Leave crystals on the skin surface for a spell to bring peripheral nerve cells into the comforting resonance of balance.

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