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Bio Hack Dermal Resilience, Emotional Coherence Epineurium Alignment

  • Waterless solutions, need no toxic preservatiuon

    The term "LOTION" refers to an emulsification of water and oil. When water is introduced into a non-refrigerated formulation, preservation by broad-spectrum antimicrobials are required. Moisturizing our skin with standard and even most natural lotions, we end up applying microbiome disrupting antibiotics and/or alcohols to our skin disabling it's natural function. Trillium Herbal deconstructed lotion - and reinvented it effectively - without the need for any disruptive ingredients. Within our range you can choose from Body Polish, Body Oil, and Body Butter, offered as fragrance free or in eight harmonizing aromas.

  • Essential oils speak directly to your limbic system, in it's native language.

    Our essential oils are artisanal, steam distilled essences from authentic botanical sources individually curated for their distinction. Grown and harvested graciously, pure and potent plant distillations, each natural flower, leaf, or bark communicates it's silent vibrational influence through inhalation and absorption. Our aromatherapy stands in stark contrast to modern synthetic fragrances, ironically the most toxic input of conventional products. Fake fragrances can be hormone impersonating, endocrine disrupting, and even cancer causing. Our scents add depth and grace bio-logical formulations to support your authentic empowered lives!

  • Cold Pressed Organic Seed Oils are nutrient rich, emollients.

    Our water-less range is built on a foundation of natural wisdom. Each of the time honored, heirloom, organically grown, cold-pressed oils & butters we use at our base, have their own evolutionarily significance and herstory. Intimately inner-stood and valued for their unique efficacies, we add them in particular ratios and in specific combinations to render the finished whole - much greater than its singular parts. Some of our emollient oils are boosted in therapeutic potency by infusing them with medicinal herbs via a slow lunar and solar extraction process. The final outcome is remarkable. I'm going to say that twice. They are remarkable. Trillium offers elite level excellence in their products feel, form, function,
    benefit, usefulness, and aromatic therapy. 

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I am 56 years old and I have dry skin This product makes my skin feel nourished and hydrated! I love it!

Helps me to sleep. I use it one my hands every night. Lovely scent and very calming!

I love this Revitalizing Polish! The scent is divine and the salt scrub essence is so gentle on my skin.

This is the first time using the body soap and if far outranks anything else I've used.

I love using this in the summer. I put the body oil on after showering and it makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated!

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