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Therapeutic synergies and single notes of Essential Oils speak directly to our nervous system in it's native language of vibration. Dermal application resonates into our peripheral nerves. Inhalation, stimulates your olfactory nerve, a direct pathway to your emotional body.


Organic Emollient Lipids insulate the peripheral nerves, optimizing action potential and lubricate the dermal barrier enhancing resilience. Local, Organic Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Ester C, and ultra pure, cold process phospholipids restore and rejuvenate the dermal barrier function.


Perfect cubic salt crystals stimulate circulation, mobilize lymph, and exfoliate. Salt creates conditions for balance on skin bombarded daily by EMF's. Saltatory Conduction is a electromagnetic process of re calibration of the ionic charge of sodium and potassium ions of the peripheral nerves. Leave crystals on the skin's surface for a spell to bring peripheral nerve cells into the comforting resonance of balance.

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