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Therapeutic Essential Oils speak directly to our nervous system with the clarion high frequency voice of our beloved botanical allies. Dermal application resonates into our peripheral nerves , Inhalation, stimulates your olfactory nerve, a direct pathway to your emotional body.

~ Organic EMOLLIENTS ~

Local, Organic Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E,from Sunflowers and Soy Beans, Ester C, and ultra pure, cold process phospholipids restore and rejuvenate the dermal barrier function.

Lipids insulate and lubricate the dermal barrier and the peripheral nerves, optimizing action potential and resilience.

~ Empowered EMBODIMENT ~

Salt's perfect crystals stimulate circulation, mobilize lymph, and exfoliate spent skin cells.

Salt creates conditions for balance on skin bombarded daily by EMF's.

Saltatory Conduction cultivates cycles refreshing negative ions with the positively charged ions of EMF's.

Leave crystals on the skin surface for a spell to bring peripheral nerve cells into the comforting resonance of balance.

Trillium Herbals welcome wellness with solutions for healthy skin habits to sustain dermal resilience, enhancing perceptive awareness, and creating the conditions for radiant resilience. Your intelligent mem"brain" is literally the physical plane of experience of the world external to our internal biological expression. Creating optimal dermal conditions to enhance and facilitate our journey into empowerment.

Harmonious Habits Transform the Experience of You and Yours

Our Solutions are made for individuals who intelligently choose to avoid toxic exposures, and those who have been so damaged by such exposures that they have no choice but to avoid the toxic soup of synthetic detergents, neuro-toxic fragrances, hormone impersonators, nano-particles, and endocrine disruptors found in conventional body wash, lotion, cosmetics and sunscreen.

Trillium was founded by a bright green lawyer, who left the justice system early to champion the interests of Women and children by offering a safe option for skincare. Safe personal care was oddly rare and hard to come by in America back in the 90's. OGmama, Karen G. Ciesar, was a founding member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and became in 1999, one of the first USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC Personal Care Brands, ever. Trillium Remained certified for 2 and 17 years.(1999 to 2001, & 2003 to 2020)

Trillium Herbal Company Products, though no longer bearing the USDA seal, stands as salty testament to what is possible when the priorities of Purity Wholeness and Balance don't waver for 28 years.

Trillium stands upon the foundation of trust built over three decades of providing Organic and Natural Dermal Solutions to the Natural Products, Spa, Wellness and Hospitality Industries. in 27 countries.

Organic is BOLD

Thank you for Trusting Trillium