SOOTHING   Lavender Lavandin

SOOTHING Lavender Lavandin

Lavandin adds it's a voice in sharp crisp high notes tones resonant of the high altitudes where it flourishes.  Like listening to your very own family band sing sweet songs of unconditional love and acceptance.

This singularly balanced blend vibrates at the feeling tone of peace releasing attachment into be-ing without dissonance or resistance.  An excellent choice for Third Eye Opening Vibrational Hygiene focus intent to balance the inner and outer perception from the perspective of the grateful observer.

Lavender and its close cousin, high mountain growing  Lavandin, join forces to create a sublime peaceful feeling. This delicate scent promotes relaxation with its deeply calming, herbaceous aroma. Lavender has been called the Mother of Aromatherapy, and for good reason.  Folk herbalists had already discovered hundreds of beneficial applications of lavender to support the health and wellness of humans.  lavender inspired the scientific study of modern aromatherapy.   The scientifically controlled distillation of the essential nature of the world's aromatic botanicals. Lavender started it all.

Imagine a perfectly calm pond. Water and air meeting in perfect resonant stillness.

Essential oils are the biologically active airborne molecules of aromatic plants that deliver vibrational feeling tones into your limbic system. They deliver a harmonious waft over your limbic brain, our only sensory organ that lives within the brain.  The recognition is instant but mainly below our conscious perception. We begin to consciously feel the influence of the essential oil as the vibrational message is received and transmitted throughout the autonomic nervous system. It sympathetically resonates our emotions into the feeling tone of each unique botanical signature.  Brings conscious intention to any aromatherapy experience to feel the magic our plant allies are so eager to share with us.

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