WELCOMING Fragrance Free Bundle
WELCOMING Fragrance Free Bundle

Trillium Herbal Company

WELCOMING Fragrance Free Bundle

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Welcoming :: Fragrance Free

Trillium's Fragrance-Free means more than just the absence of scent. Our base products are intentionally and exactingly 'Free From" all irritants, allergens, sensitizers, hormone impersonators, and endocrine disruptors.  We vigilantly exclude phthalates, petroleum, phosphates, synthetics, solvents, or their invisible residues from conventional processing into ANY of the ingredients we use.    All cold-pressed vegetable oils, butters, and waxes are Certified Organic.  Our salt is ultra-purified and unadulterated.  Free for everything allergenic and sensitizing, Welcome Wellness!


The Scent
Welcoming Fragrance Free
The Products
Polish      Butter      Oil     Soap

Spark me Up!
Healthy, compact portions to spark bliss into balance. 
Transform with Body Polish (2oz)
Lather up with Body Soap (1oz)
Moisturize& Massage with Body Oil (1oz)
Protect with Body Butter (.5oz)

Experience Coherence
Invite a deeper integration of unconditional self care by synchronizing the aromatherapeutic frequency, or this case, silence, across all your Trillium Solutions in tune with your own restful healing tone.  Trillium's Skin Solutions are designed to work together synergistically to create the conditions on your dermal biome for balanced resonance, which naturally grows into healthy barrier resilience, and ultimately empowers your skin's appearance into glowing radiance.