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Steamy Wonder Relieving Sore Joint Treatment Packages

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Relieving formerly Sore Joint and Muscle formula is a blend of anti Inflammatory Organic White Willow Powder, and antioxidant Organic Green Tea Powder,  in soothing  Aloe Vera Powder, and White Kaolin Clay, to alkalize the connective tissues.   

The Sore Joint  Package includes everything you will need for four full-body treatments with the Steamy Wonder.  

Calming Body Oil
Calming Body Butter
Calming Body Polish
Ayurvedic Joint Support Massage Oil
Relieving Body Mud
Steam/Bath Bags       


  • Fit the table with Steamy Wonder Sheets,
  • The Steam canopy suspended above the table. 
  • Moisten 2 ounces of Mud  with water, milk, or yogurt,
  • Place bag of Steamy Tea into the steam generator,
  • safely position it at the foot of the table f or steam dispersion.


  • Massage Ayurvedic Massage Oil over full body. Working the botanical  oils into stiff and sore areas. 
  • Smooth the Moistened Mud over the whole body or chosen areas.
    • Lower and tuck in the steam canopy, position steam generator 
    • Maintain cool neck and head apply cool wet towels, 
    • Relax in the steam for twenty minutes.
    • Raise the canopy, shower, or towel off.
  • Massage the body with Finishing Butter locking in hydration and enhancing effects of the treatment.  

Detox Bath Home Spa
  • Preparation:
    • Moisten two ounces of Mud with water, milk, plain yogurt or kefir.
    • have a clean, old towel ready to get dirty.
    • Draw a hot bath pre steep or drop Steam/Bath Tea directly into the tub.
  • Massage body with Ayurvedic Botanical Joint and Muscle Oil.
  • Carefully enter the waiting hot bath and sink deeply into the water, allowing the heat to permeate your whole body.   
  • Take your time, but don't shift your focus away from inner alignment with divine grace. When you're ready, Pat dry,
  • Drain the tub. Lay a towel (that you're fine to get muddy) in the bottom of the empty tub.
  • Apply Moistened Mud to your entire body, stand sit or lay down in the warm and empty tub for 5-20 minutes, stay warm and comfortable, focus on your inner experience of peace, the absence of resistance,  Imagine your skin releasing all which no longer serves.
  • Rinse the mud off your body and the tub.
  • Apply finishing butter immediately to hydrated skin.  Do not allow your skin to dry.  This important last step extends the botanical effects of the treatment and locks in the deep hydration.