NEW MOON June 17 11:37 pm CST



11:37 PM CST

As the New Moon before this
incredibly transformational  Solstice
Take the time today to set intentions
Who do you wish to BE in New Earth?
The Age of Aquarius 
The shattering of the Piscean Age
The Apocalypse (the big reveal)
(whatever you want to call it)
Who do you wish to be?
New moon is the perfect time to get very specific and
set those intentions
plant those seeds
Self Care is a pathway to
Self Awareness
Self Activation
Self Actualization
Trillium's Authentic Integral Solutions
are mindfully handcrafted
in a workshop that has been
harmonized by a seasoned Bio-geometry Professional.
We do this to imbue our solutions with
as much Earth alignment and Cosmic coherence as possible
But YOU are the only one who can choose to use them.
YOU are the one whose inner standing creates the world you see.
You are the human empowered with freewill.
You have the power to choose in every moment
to come from Source Love Light, or not.
We are all doing a lot of releasing emotional blockages these days.  I personally have released mountains of stuck energy in the past weeks.   Each time I purge My self worth gets stronger.
Taking time to care for my own self is really helping me ground into these new expression of empowerment that I am experiencing.
As a Triple Crown single mom, and caregiver to my own mother,  self care rarely made it to the top of the list in my life.  But the Goddess always provides and I have been gifted some well deserved time off recently, and I am taking the opportunity to be kind and take time for my own self.
Rather than get down on myself
" why haven't I done more of this over the years"
I'm just basking in gratitude for all of the hard work
I've been privileged to do, and
for the time I'm taking now to care for my own self.
Self Care can really help you integrate and stabilize your body into the New Earth expression of you.
Trillium's Solutions simply are tools to bio-hack your memBRAIN to facilitate and support conscious awareness.
Pure essential oils speak to your limbic system,
your autonomic nervous system, your "feelings",
in it's native language, frequency and vibration.
Organic Emollients insulate your dermal biome,to stay hydrated, 
Which is essential since water conducts electro-magnetism.
Lipids increase the action potential of your peripheral nerves,
Properly functoning memBRAIN powers up your own antennae,  your own vibrational sensors.
This fact leads me to  wonder if this is the reason why conventional skin care has been so consistently toxic and drying.
Could the dis-empowerment of our bodies have been intentional on some level?  Hmmm.
Crystalline Salt, each a perfect cube, the platonic solid that holds Earth energy, is extremely grounding for your entire nervous system.  While the practice of "earthing"  encourages us to walk barefoot in the wet grass.  You may not find that too accessible if you live where most grass is laced with toxic pesticides. 
Body Polish is a real option for Earthing.
To connect deeply with your self 
"as an Earthling" 
Staying Salty for a Spell can really make a difference.
Remember, you can only be as present and as loving to others , as you are able to be with your self.
  Now is the time for us to empower our selves from the inside out, and thereby begin to radiate our natural capacity to manifest grace, through imagination, intuition and compassion for all.
If you got this far in this blog, you already know these things, and perhaps you simply appreciate the confirmation that you are indeed not alone. 

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