Equinox STAY SALTY for this SPELL

Equinox STAY SALTY for this SPELL

Gaia, is speaking to you right now. 
 If you don't hear Her, it is not surprising, the distractions are getting louder.
 If you are reading this now, She is inviting you to tune in.  
It is time to get real about the electro-smog, that perpetuates our eternal distraction and ignorance of Her Voice.  Many of us travel through a veritable minefield of artificially generated vibrations completely drowning out the subtle murmurings of Nature.  Data packages incessantly move through our bodies, with every beep of a cell phone, WiFi or cell tower. Those frequencies, at such relentless amplitude can imbalance our inner coherence. Positively charged electrons, the result of those unnatural frequencies, are left in our cellular expression. 
We can balance our inner energetic harmonic and balance by biohacking our internal equanimity through Vibrational Hygiene.  Resolve the imbalance, opening your perceptive awareness you can experience the of inner divine, is as close as your own shower. 
If you are feeling emotionally distraught, triggered, or dulled and depleted, you can use this process to invite light and balance back into your life. The old energies can be triggering as they shatter and fall away, you can embrace your own courageous mastery of those which is being activated and regularly triggered by the energies in the astral bodies which are influencing our own biological expression. 
Ibrahim Karim, PhD. Dr Sc. the father of BioGeometry describes the skin through analogy to architecture, "The walls of the house that incorporate the windows and doors much be seen as a very important communication layer where the exchange of information between the inside and outside take place. In many cultures, the skin is regarded as the keeper of information on every aspect of our lives. The concept that our skin speaks to the universe, yielding it all our inner secrets, is not farfetched. Nor, on the other hand, is the concept that our skin draws the entire information of the universe into our hearts. This is the energetic heart described in mystical traditions."

Our skin is the perfect place to begin when we seek to harmonize and soothe our nervous system. You are no alone if you're experiencing stress, nervous tension, depression, and hopelessness.  It is futile to point at some reason for our anguish, yet that is the mind loop that many find themselves trapped within. 
Free yourself, by taking responsibility for one's emotional posture.
Stop blaming yourself for circumstances, release all attachments
Focus rather on
restoring resilience
magnifying radiance
Body Polish tunes up your Dermal Barrier, in it's capacity for receiving processing terra hertz frequencies and  either accepting or deflecting. Our bodies absorb an alarming amount of positively charged electrons causing an imbalance, Body Polish  brings a preponderance of negatively charged electrons to the proximity of the peripheral nerves and hold the crystals on the surface for a spell, allowing the magnetic process of saltatory conduction to balance and harmonize the inner energetic experience. 
The Vernal Equinox and the many potent upcoming energies each offer us an opportunity to tune in to Divine frequency that is the Unified Field shared by all life.  Taking the opportunity to bring your cells into equanimity with vibrational hygiene as a prelude to your rituals or celebrations can help align your consciousness with synchronicity and ascension.
When you recognize the unified field that permeates and illuminates alt life, our quantum existence is conceivable and profound.  From the conscious posture of fractally embodied Divine, your body is indeed your Temple.   Holding the space in your daily routine for the care of that temple, in a manner which brings your cells into resonant coherent balance, will set you on the path to synchronicity.
We live in a 3D matrix entrained upon the approved sensorial portals.
It's time to turn the regularly scheduled programming off, and
make space time for our own connection to source

Rinse away salt to remove all dissonant frequencies, and reveal your epineurium hydrated and protected by insulating lipids. 
Equinox and all of the days surrounding it are auspicious as it can get.
Claim your sovereignty
Stay Salty for a Spell

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