Care giving starts with Self Care

Care giving starts with Self Care

Compassionate caregivers, parents, child care workers, lightworkers, nurses, healthcare workers, hospice workers, body workers, salon workers, sex workers, and healers of all modalities.

We salute you because we are you.  We, have walked many paths of caring, and we have learned that the measure of your care is limited only by your own self care.  That is to say, you cannot give what you do not have, and self care is something that only we can give to ourselves, and thereby inspire others to give to themselves. 

In reverence for the sacred moments of caring for our selves and our beloveds, we offer our own authentic solutions, based upon principals of Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Traditional Herbalism.

"The act of caring for oneself unconditionally is the secret to authentically caring for others."

We take great care to source, process, and pour our solutions with multi-dimensional integrity, our systems are focused upon crafting inherently stable solutions, which convey coherence. Our workshop has been harmonized with bio-geometry,  our formulations have been tried and true over thirty years. 

The greatest gift anyone can bring is authentic presence, that presence is amplified by their own internal harmonization,  the inner coherence of thinking feeling and doing.  In today's wireless world, artificially broadcast signals incessantly bombard our bodies with electrosmog.  The powers that were tempts us to "go low" by reacting with fear, shame, anger, and blame, all of which pull your mojo down into disempowerment. 

At Trillium we recognize and caring for your skin as receiver of sensory vibrational information from without and as a messenger of conditions from within. This puts you in control of your own energy field, giving you the told to restore internal balance and coherence, and push your authentic love vibration out into the world, Your choice to cultivate a balanced presence acts as both a forcefield of protection from chaos and a a magnet for abundance and authentic connection.

You can restore inner quantum coherence through nature immersion, forest bathing,  grounding, meditation, and Vibrational Hygiene, Trillium Herbal self care.

Salt Crystal Immersion with Body Polish can help bring your body back into Resonant Coherence.

Salt held for a spell on the surface of the skin creates the conditions for saltatory conduction, the quantum harmonization of your epineurium into balance. Sodium and potassium ions across the dermal barrier in an electromagnetic dance, until balance is reached.  Salt   releases negative ions, balancing polarities your peripheral nerves and capillaries. You can feel this happening. Rich organic oil lubricate the lipophyllic pathways, optimizing the signal gated ion channels, and  increasing the action potential of your peripheral nerves. Inhale the aromatherapy of your choice, and let it soothe your limbic , autonomic, unconscious mind into resonance with the vibrations of botanical essences. Relax,  inhale deeply and exhale deeply while keeping the pace of the breath calm and consistent. Feel resistance fall away as you catalyze coherence of heart and mind, feminine and masculine, positive and negative, yin and yang.

This grounded emotional posture can set the tone of empowered authenticity as the foundation for your emotional resilience.  You can do this daily, or cyclically, as your life demands and allows.

The world will try to pull you off balance in a million stressful ways, but you can easily bring yourself back into that frequency through the day by aroma cue, washing your hands with our Body Soap, or carrying around a our Body Butter to apply to dry hands. Through respiration and absorption the aroma can quickly coax you back into an empowered emotional posture.

Trillium Solutions are made exclusively from aromatic, emollient and energetic ingredients from the earth,  intentionally creating the conditions for your Resonance, Resilience, & Radiance.

Feel the Balance you wish to See

Be the Coherence you wish to Be

My influence on others is created by Me

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