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Trillium Herbal Company

Wholesale Facial Cleansing Oil

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The transformative power of this treatment lies in pairing a potent formulation with the proper protocol.  Done well, Facial Cleansing Oil Melts the oils on your face, wicks sebum and grime to the surface, and finally dissolves the thinned oils with a hot steamy washcloth.  This refreshing and restorative facial cleansing treatment, followed by immediate lipid protection of the hydrated, clean dermis,  is the perfect prelude to rest or recreation.

HOW to USE Massage a generous dollop of these rich emollients into the face, neck, and chest.  Work the oil into the skin allowing enough kneading and time to infuse the castor bean oil deeply into the skin, where it melts and mingles with oil-based grime and sebum based, the causes of pore and follicle congestion. 

Apply a steamy (not scalding) hot wet washcloth, for a spell to allow the steam to thin the viscosity of the castor oil, activating it's drawing capacity to wick away the mingled sebum/oil.  Gently wipe the excess. 

The skin is now clean in a different way than soap.  It feels squeakier, there is absolutely no residue, and your skin is open and exposed. 

Finish with Lipid Protection.  It is critically important in this moment to protect your steam-cleaned dermis with a lipid layer of protection.  While it is optimal to use our Facial Treatment Oil,  you can protect the cleansed skin with a lipid layer with any organic oil, even a light finishing layer of Facial Cleansing Oil will do!

Invite your dermal biome to a garden party, the music played strikes an attitude of optimism that welcomes rejuvenation and restoration.  Aromatically aligns with the perception of joyful expectation. 
OG Sunflower Oil, OG Castor Oil, OG Evening Primrose Oil, OG Jojoba Oil, OG Argan Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, OG Cranberry Seed Oil, OG Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil, Chamomile Oil, OG Lavender, OG Chamomile, OG Calendula.
    Facial Cleansing Oil - Trillium Herbal Company
    Facial Cleansing Oil - Trillium Herbal Company
    Lucrative Lavatory Soap Dispenser Sponsorship - Trillium Herbal Company
    Wholesale Facial Cleansing Oil - Trillium Herbal Company
    Wholesale Facial Cleansing Oil - Trillium Herbal Company
    ZERO Petrochemical Preservatives
    ZERO Sulfate Surfactants
    ZERO Synthetic Fragrances

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How is Trillium the antedote to lotion?

    All conventional lotions destroy your dermal biome, which is why once you apply, you need to reapply, and reapply.

    you see, Lotion always requires some kind of preservation.

    Water + oil= mold, Unless...

    ~you refrigerate it,

    ~ you add a broad spectrum antimicrobial. which means Parabens, Alcohols, 'yes even "organic lotions need to add "organic" alcohol.

    Parabens are akin to applying antibiotics to your skin, what a terrible idea!

    By keeping water out of our topicals, TRILLIUM can deliver Exclusively ingredients that are beneficial, intentionally Excluding all damaging & degrading preservatives.

    Can I use the Body products on my Face?

    Yes absolutely! All Trillium products are formulated for the most sensitive skin. Enjoy it from FACE to FEET and from newborn to elder.

    *While Any BODY blend can work for face. We have developed an exquisitely skin loving FACE series, boasting a rich, botanically active serum that nourishes and penetrates to protect and stimulate rejuvenation and repair.

    All of Trillium's products, Polish, Soap, Butter and Oil will cultivate coherence and balance in your dermal biome, when life gives you injury or extreme conditions, check out our REMEDY range, including Barrier Balm, Stretch Salve, AromaRub, and Bruise Balm.

    How do I choose which Aromatherapy Option?

    We have named each scent with the emotional posture which you are aiming for.

    Still wondering?

    Take our scent selection quiz

    Choose by your Ayurvedic Dosha.

    Pitta is balanced with our CALMING Lavender Geranium

    Vata is balanced with CLEARING Cedar Eucalyptus

    Kapha is balanced with WARMING Cinnamon Clove

    Want to smell them all? Try our Full Spectrum Suite