AromaRub - Trillium Herbal Company
AromaRub - Trillium Herbal Company
AromaRub - Trillium Herbal Company

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AromaRub is an all natural vapor rub made with only the best organic ingredients, including tea tree, eucalyptus and olive oil.   Providing relief without the use of harsh chemicals or petroleum.   Formulated to be safe and gentle enough for infants, and sensitive adults. 

How to Use AromaRub? Rub onto the chest, back, under the nose and over the sinuses, to deliver the respiratory supportive,  aromatherapy through inhalation and absorption.  Aroma Rub adds gentle botanical support to your own body's immune response.

Ingredients of Integrity
Eucalyptus Radiata Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil
 Organic Olive Oil
Organic Beeswax.
Organic is BOLD

DISCLAIMER: We are not officially sanctioned allopathic or pharmaceutical practitioners.  As such we do not purport to be diagnosing any condition or prescribing any course of action for any cold, flu, or other infection.