Body Polish Salt Glow Protocol

Trillium Herbal Company has been making Body Polish since 1994.


Body Polish is so much more than an exfoliator.

The organic emollients, with the  crystalline salt, and therapeutic grade essential oils works together to create a complete dermal biome reboot.


Portion: 2-3 ounces of Body Polish is the amount suggested for small to large clients.

Make sure the air in the room is warm

Using a light touch, apply Body Polish to dry (not wet) skin, starting with the feet, giving the client a good idea of how the products feels on an area upon which the salt feels really good.  Smooth Body Polish up the legs smoothing upwards.  Apply to hands and linger there before smoothing upwards over the arms, finish with torso and back.  Using  a light stroke apply polish tot he entire body, and finish with salty scalp massage.


Body Polish is gently exfoliating, each perfect crystalline cube will lift dead skin cells by rolling over the skin's surface.  Imagine rolling the crystals, with the smooth rhythmic light touch of lymphatic massage, never pressing, or scrubbing.


Allow the salt to remain upon the whole body for at least 6, up to 30 minutes. while lightly rolling the salt over the skin. Crystals of salt held by the lipids directly upon skin facilitates the electromagnetic optimization of the epineurium through the process of Saltatory Conduction.  Harmonizing the ionic balance in the peripheral nerves.  Allowing the salt to remain upon the surface of the skin, creates conditions for a dynamic exchange of potassium ions and sodium ions.  The refreshment of the ionic balance can improve the action potential of the nerves.  In today's world of artificially broadcast frequencies from ubiquitous wireless devices, the before and after difference can feel profound.

Finish the experience with a salty scalp massage to give you some extra moments to allow the saltatory conduction to cycle into balance.


As you rinse away the salt, follow the water flow with your hand, to provide the client with the sensation of softness after the rough sensation of the salt. Rinse away salt crystals thoroughly including the scalp and hair.  

Pat the skin with warmed dry towels to wick away the beaded water which can quickly cool the skin.  The oil will insulate the skin once the water has been removed.

 Over the thirty years of making Body Polish, we have heard many unique  approaches to this multidimensional wellness treatment.  We welcome comments and suggestions All Ways.