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Lakefront Brewery & Trillium Organics

There we were, set up to celebrate the Cherry Fest at Lautenbach's Winery and Orchard Country in the tiny town of Fish Creek, Wisconsin.  The best craftmen of all sorts had been invited to share thier bounty.  I was Salt Washing hands directly across from Chris, pouring ( my favorite) Lakefront Beer.   I had long admired Lakefront for putting the first USDA Certified Organic Beer on the national market, and then pioneering the first Gluten Free Beer..  You see, my own Trillium Herbal Company was one of the first personal care companies to bear the USDA Seal, and pioneered the Salt Scrub category in the Natural Products Industry.  
It's a small club of organic pioneers, and we're both in it. 
I spent that whole cherry day, loving every Lakefront Beer I tasted. 
The culture at Lakefront brewery is the reason the beer tastes so good. 
The good people at Lakefront really do care for one another, their community and their world. That's why it is so much fun to visit the brewery! 
It's a Good Vibe Factory.
In keeping with Lakefront's inspiring example, and on Chris's dare,
I reworked our iconic Organic Body Polish to meet the dermal demands of hardworking hands reaching for their "Good Day's Beer" .
I added a skin loving infusion of Hops and Calendula, Olive and Grapeseed Oil, with a bright new juicy aroma blend of Lemon, Geranium, Orange & Lavender. 
Trillium has been making Salt Wash for Lakefront Brewery since 2014.
Today you can still


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After decades of disempowerment through personal care toxic exposures,

We can now clearly see the negative impacts of toxins, many still  fully legal in the US, upon our families and communities.

Trillium is carefully handcrafted for those who wisely wish to avoid the toxic soup of synthetic surfactants, neuro-toxic fragrances, hormone impersonators, 'blood brain barrier' crossing nano-particles, petrochemical preservatives and endocrine disruptors.   

All toxins which remain in use and legal in the US. 

All commonly found in conventional body wash, lotion, cosmetics and sunscreen.

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Our authentic and intentionally hand crafted solutions are made for individuals who prioritize personal empowerment, avoiding toxic exposures, & taking responsibility for bringing their own emotional posture into grace.

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