Thyme Door County

Thyme Restaurant
was born out of a love for the restaurant biz
and the camaraderie that comes with it.
After almost two decades of managing a beloved Door County restaurant, 
Tonda and Karl decided to head out on their own
and start a local, full-service catering company
Trillium Herbal Company
has been handcrafting skincare
in Door County since 1994.
Avid fans of one another's art, collaborating for your Enjoyment!
Tonight, Thyme Restaurant is Featuring,
CLEARING, Cedar Eucalyptus
Body Polish
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Restore your Dermal Biome
with Authentic Mindfully Handcrafted Skincare
Made in Door County

Harmonious Habits Transform Lives

Trillium was founded upon purity wholeness and balance

in a world awash in the dermal dis-empowerment of

synthetic surfactants, neuro-toxic fragrances, hormone impersonators,

nano-particles, petrochemical preservatives and endocrine disruptors.

All toxins which are legally & commonly found in

conventional body wash, lotion, cosmetics and sunscreen.

Trillium's perennial resistance of the patriarchal poisoning protocols,

our intentionally authentic and mindfully hand crafted solutions

are made for all living Beings, including Human Beings.


individuals who choose to avoid dis-empowering toxic exposures


those who have already been so damaged by such exposures

that they have no choice but to avoid them now. (MCS)

Trillium was founded by a bright green lawyer, who

traded the fight for the rights of Women and children to

the positive support of the interests of Women and children

by offering a safe option for self care, aka personal health care.

Safe personal care was oddly rare and hard to come by in America back in the 90's, and in many ways, it still is.

KG Ciesar, was a founding member of

the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics  

in 1999,  made Trillium one of the

first USDA Certified Organic Personal Care Brands, ever.

Trillium was Certified Organic for 2 years (1999 to 2001)

and after fighting for the right 17 years (2003 to 2020)

Green America

Gold Business Member 

Endorsed as a "Trusted Brand" by

Organic Consumers Association

"Coming Clean Campaign"

Trillium stands upon the foundation of trust built over three decades of providing Organic and Natural Dermal Solutions to the Natural Products, Spa, Wellness and Hospitality Industries.

We have sent products to stockists and consumers in 27 countries.

Original Owner Operated

Founder Formulated

Family Focused

Self Care for New Earth Awakening

 Raise the vibe of your  Clients Community and Cohorts!
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