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Are you impressed by the feeling of Trillium's Body Polish?
Do you wish to see how you might share that feeling with your Clients, Cohorts and Community?
When you choose Trillium for services, sharing, or dispensing
We  support and reward your efforts with a 21% Margin for YOU.
When you enroll in our affiliate program,
You get a  password protected dashboard.
accessible 24/7 so you can see your sales in real time
You have your own link and QR code to share
Your people arrive at a customized landing page bearing YOUR NAME (example below) that offers them the opportunity to purchase a special package


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21% margin of product price paid

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Paypal or Product
Once customers are attributed to you, they remain yours, (unless they scan someone else's code after yours)  and their purchases continue to attribute to you.  Long after they leave your establishment, they will be purchasing Trillium, reminding them of their delightful visit to your establishment
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Sparks ( 2 Oz Body Polish Packets)

$30.00/Case of 10

Bulk Refill Polish

$99.00/Half gallon

$175.50/ One gallon

$297.00/Two Gallons


$33.00 each

Feel Good Vibes swirl through your space,
rippling with waves of grace, 
uplifting the whole place.
The process of polishing is a quantum reset for the light body. 
Feeling good is the perfect preparation to enjoy their experience.
Polishing Hands is so simple, yet achieves so much.
The simple process of polishing hands places the emotional body 
into a calmed, receptive, emotional posture. 
A perfect prelude to whatever experience you are offering
 in your establishment, whether your offer a meal, a show,
a spiritual experience, a class, an event or a nature walk.
Your staff will thank you as much as your patrons.
  Pure and potent aromatherapy soothes the senses
Salt provides negative ions to balance the peripheral nerves
Organic emollients insulation to seal the deal. 
Got Onsite Retail?
Pro Tip:: Stock what your are offering in the dispenser. 

Your personalized landing page will look a Lot like this....

Trillium Herbal Solutions
Luxury Organic Amenities
Currently Featuring... 
Lavender Geranium
CALMING Unconditional Self Care

Peruse our Eight

Aromatherapy Options

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Harmonious Habits

Create the Conditions for Vibrant Life

After decades of disempowerment through personal care toxic exposures,

all can now clearly see the negative impacts of micro toxins,

many still  fully legal in the US, upon our families and communities.

Trillium is carefully handcrafted for those who wisely wish to avoid the toxic soup of synthetic surfactants, neuro-toxic fragrances, hormone impersonators, 'blood brain barrier' crossing nano-particles, petrochemical preservatives and endocrine disruptors.   

All toxins which remain in use and legal in the US. all commonly found in conventional body wash, lotion, cosmetics and sunscreen.

ALL of Trillium's products are rated SAFE on

Envision Alternatives

Manifest your own Oasis of Grace

Our authentic and intentionally hand crafted solutions are made for individuals who prioritize personal empowerment, avoiding toxic exposures, & taking responsibility for bringing their own emotional posture into grace.

 Organic and Natural Dermal Solutions.
Wellness, Hospitality, Health, Humanity & Spa

Organic is BOLD

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