Discover CLEARING Cedar Eucalyptus
Discover CLEARING Cedar Eucalyptus

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Discover CLEARING Cedar Eucalyptus

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Clearing Cedar Sage
The vibrational expression of trees dances with moisture and heat to create the "weather patterns" that are Gaia's own respiration.   Trillium's OGmama was gifted with the inspiration for this blend by the majesty of the Redwood Rainforest of the Pacific Northwest.   Trillium's Clearing blend facilitates deep cleansing breaths,  facilitating the calm, rhythmic respiration that empowers your Heart Chakra.   Ayurveda describes the energies of these botanicals as harmonizing and balancing for the Vata Dosha.


Healthy, compact portions to spark bliss into balance. 
Transform with Body Polish (2oz)
Lather up with Body Soap (1oz)
Moisturize& Massage with Body Oil (1oz)
Protect with Body Butter (.5oz)
CLEARING Cedar Eucalyptus
EOTIOJNING Essential Aroma

Experience Coherence

Invite a deeper integration of unconditional self care by synchronizing the aromatherapeutic frequency across all your Trillium Solutions in tune with your own personal favorite authentic essential aroma.  Trillium's Skin Solutions are designed to work together synergistically to create the conditions on your dermal biome for balanced resonance, which naturally grows into healthy barrier resilience, and ultimately empowers your skin's appearance into glowing radiance.