The Lucrative Lavatory

Our custom "Smart Dispensers" come equipped with your own unique QR code which brings them to a landing page (shown below) that offers them the opportunity to get a free gift with purchase.
You earn 21% margin
Your password protected dashboard.
Your affiliate dashboard is accessable 24/7 and paid quarterly.
 the cost of the dispenser and refill are deducted from the 21% commissions.

Dispensers are $33.each
Bulk Refill Polish ($99.00/1 gallon, $175.50/ 2 gallon)
will be deducted from your affiliate commission payment
Even if commissions never rise above costs,
there will be no out of pocket expense to you.
Once customers are attributed to you, they remain yours, (unless the scan someone else's code after yours)  and their purchases through out the year continue to attribute to you.

Worst case scenario-

you offer luxury amenities to your patrons at no cost to you.

Best case scenario -

you get paid to do it!

We ask only this:

that you keep the dispensers tidy and full,

and let us know when you need more.

Feel Good Vibes swirl through your space,

rippling with waves of grace, 

uplifting the whole place.

The process of Polishing is a quantum reset for the light body. 
Feeling good is the perfect preparation for having a great time.
  Pure and potent aromatherapy soothes the senses
Salt provides negative ions to balance the peripheral nerves
Organic emollients insulation to seal the deal. 
Polishing Hands is so simple, yet achieves so much.
The simple process of polishing hands places the emotional body 
into a calmed, receptive, emotional posture. 
A perfect prelude to whatever experience you are offering
 in your establishment, whether your offer a meal, a show,
a spiritual experience, a class, an event or a nature walk.
Your staff will thank you as much as your patrons.

Got Onsite Retail?
Pro Tip:: Stock what your are offering in the dispenser. 
It will sell like hotcakes.
Your page will look a Lot  like this....


3 Free Gifts with Purchase

when you buy here now

Jar of Body Polish 24 oz net wt

comes with Three Free Sparks

Body Soap 1 fl oz

Body Oil 1 fl oz

Body Butter .5 oz

Peruse and Choose

CALMING Unconditional Self Care
CLEARING Cedar Eucalyptus
REFRESHING Pink Grapefruit
REFRESHING Pink GrapefruitWarming
WARMING Cinnamon Clove




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