Clean Up with Tribe Trillium

Tribe Trillium is a fun, healing, and rewarding way to embody abundance.

It can be as simple as sharing QR coded Sparks with a cohort, client, or stranger.

As simple as keeping your dispenser tidy and topped up.

Enjoy the Gift of being the Giver!


We are overjoyed to attribute abundance appropriately by with 21% commissions on every referred purchase completed using your link or code.  Spin and spiral your own abundance wheel into a continuous, and unlimited flow.

We provide 24/7 access to your own software portal that tracks and reports in real time, every lead, sale and commission payment due to you.

Everything you need to begin is available right now!

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Does your hospitality include a place for guests to wash their hands? 

Become a Dispenser Sponsor!

Tribe Trillium Hospitality

Everyone who Polishes their hands receives a tiny but profound quantum alignment, resonating their emotional body with a feeling of calm composure, and joyful alertness. It simply sparks joy.  Dispensers graciously maintained at the lavatory sink quietly sets the tone of for any spa, dining room, sacred space, maker space or event space.  With each patron polishing, the connection grows into a harmonious shared experience, enveloping patrons, staff and talent in coherent connection. 

Empowering Abundance

Turning away from the transactional ways of the Piscean age, we prefer to embody abundance in all of it's delightful forms, having, giving, and receiving.  Your mother and her mother's mother are hoping you will join our dance.

Sharing with others is a source of great nourishment and joy.  

A smile lifts the spirits of the next and next person.  

Consciously choose to assume all of the empowering postures  

With a glad heart, GIVE unconditionally

With self worth, RECEIVE gratitude, and gifts

With reverent gratitude, HAVE the satisfaction of living life well.


Tribe Trillium is a way to enhance your experience of life's abundance and encourage you and yours into the habits to support your life well lived.

Unconditional Self Care

From quick Daily Habits to Deep Diving Detox,

Celebrating your light body's brilliance

Embodying restoration, resilience, and radiance

Cultivating creativity, caring and courageous self expression.