BE the PEACE you wish to see in the world. New Moon 3-2-22

This appalling violence is testing our resolve, daring us to fear, and seek revenge. But we have been here before,  "There is nothing to fear but fear itself."   as Winston Churchill so wisely put it.  If we truly desire to bring peace and deflate war,  projecting lower base emotions into the field is not going to help.   Just as the wise mother refuses to worry about her children, choosing rather to envision them happy safe and well.  Manifesting Peace on Earth will require each individual human refusing to harbor the emotions of hate, anger and revenge, rather we must each hold our hearts in the posture of peace, love and compassion.

Why not deprive the energies of chaos and war of your attention.  Focus your awareness upon the grace and beauty of nature, of life, and the magnificence that you are. This is no small thing in a world awash in media clamoring for your attention.  When you prioritize time and space for you to connect with the divine within, you are taking radical action to bring peace into the world.  Get into the forest, bathe in the energies of nature.  Sit "back to bark" with a tree for a spell.  Get to a water fall or take a walk on the beach.  Nature holds the pattern of Peace which inform and organize our cells into balance.

Should you be unable to get into Nature,  Trillium's natural and organic skincare can bring it to you.  Try this "Salted Meditation"  to bio-hack your body into balance and inner peace, then radiate that balanced joy into your world.   Why not deprive the energies of chaos and war of your attention.  Focus your awareness upon the grace and beauty of nature, of life, and the magnificence that You Are. 

Get into the shower, but don't turn the water on.
Smooth Body Polish, with small handfuls at a time, over legs, arms, ultimately your entire body, if seated, Polish your feet.
Take your time, and enjoy your experience, the moment is yours.
Once you are completely covered in Body Polish, 
Inhale the Trillium aroma that your prefer.
Exhale all resistance to the Now Here.
Breathe in the pure essential aroma, 
Hold the breath in gratitude for the peace you enjoy
Exhale and release worry, fear, and anxiety.
Breathe in the light of life, illuminating your cells
Hold the breath aware only of this one perfect moment.
Exhale and feel the tension drain from your body.
Focus Pocus
inhaling ~ holding  ~ exhaling
Time each equally 
bring your breath into a powerful trinity
Feel how the flow transforms the dancing three into the fractal spiral orbit of one unified flow.
Having ~ Giving ~ Receiving
Maiden ~ Mother ~ Crone
Father ~ Son ~ Holy Spirit
Shiva ~ Shakti ~ Bhakti
Continue deeply inhale, hold, and exhale.
Feel your heart calm, and you mind clear. 
Taking a few moments to remain covered in oil Body Polish facilitates the process of saltatory conduction, by which negative ions from the salt pass through the signal gated membrane to balance the excess of positive ions deposited into your cells by the electro-smog of our modern wireless world.
Rinse. Revel in your energized calm.
Bring this energy of empowered peace, and fulfillment to everyone and everything you meet today. 
Thank you for reading this, and thank you for doing this, each and every one of us will be needed to usher in the Golden Age of Peace which is ours to create.

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