Full Moon Vernal Equinox :: Make Peace with your Skin

Welcome to another Astrologically potent portal this weekend, and your skin is the perfect plane of experience from which you can cultivate Peace through unconditional self care.  Our skin has historically been "programmed with malware" to reinforce our separation from one another, and ourselves.  Color coding, shape shaming, and generally misrepresenting the meaning and purpose of our skin has been a tool of disempowerment. 

We all recognize the lies we tell ourselves.  I'll feel better when my skin is clearer, darker, lighter, smoother, better."   Therein, lies the rub.  "I'll feel better when I'm something I'm not."  If we judge ourselves or others we are reinforcing the illusion of separation, effectively preventing ourselves, from manifesting the peace and prosperity in our individual and collective experience.

As perception and awareness are the foundation of  consciousness, the placement of programs which reinforce separation upon the surface of the skin, skews almost all conscious awareness towards duality.  If you can understand how removing these "conditions" unblocks the doorway to unity consciousness, it is time to embrace the perfection of your "imperfections".   


Now is time to cultivate Peace it in our own lives.  This auspicious opportunity of the Full Moon and Spring Equinox bathes our planet in energies of equanimity, balance, alignment.  This whole weekend is an invitation to tune your inner world into resonance cultivating your experience of unity consciousness.

Liberate yourself through unconditional acceptance and forgiveness, opening the door to compassion for yourself and all life. When we release inner judgement we able to align fully in our light bodies. 

Life can be triggering, climate change, the pandemic, and now Russia's aggression. We have all been given a millions reasons to be afraid, for ourselves, and for the ones we love.  Don't let the triggers ensnare you into amplifying the energies of duality and separation.  Yes, there is trauma and tragedy, but if we are caught up in feeling the emotions of conflict, who will manifest the energies of peace, prosperity into our world?

Cultivate resilience for the peace you already are through unconditional self-care. When you take time to fill your well and calm your spirit, the triggers of life will have less and less of an impact upon you.   

The word unconditional is to be taken literally.   Fortifying your emotional bandwidth makes it easier to bring your countenance back into balance.  As you move through your day, and your experience being triggered by circumstances become less of a rollercoaster, and more of a gift of awareness of the triggers you have yet to make peace with.  Be assured the light is winning, and by being a beacon of love energy you are helping hasten the victory of Love itself.

We are the one's we've been waiting for, and the magic is already within us! 

This weekend, schedule time for unconditional self care, enhance your resilience and cultivate grace.  You alone have the free will choice to cultivate, prioritize, and manifest peace. The extent to which to align yourself with your divine within is the extent to which Peace will bloom within you and within the world we all share.

The Full Moon March 18 2:17 am CST

The Spring Equinox, March 20 10:33 am CST


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