The Magical Potential of your Morning Shower

In a world which is constantly blaring demands, obligations, and distractions at us, the shower is a welcome respite for your Self.  For some of us it is the only solo time we get in our busy lives.  When you rush through your shower, soap and rinse style, you are wasting the potential for big magic.  You have divine magnificent manifesting power within, and Vibrational Hygiene is a quick and simple bio-hack that will set you on the right path to bring real magic into you life.
Vibrational Hygiene, is the process of bringing your nerve cells into balance through the process of saltatory conduction, and insulating your dermal biome, and peripheral nervous system with lipids.  Harmonized and protected, your emotional bandwidth is widened and your responsiveness to the circumstances around you is enhanced.  Practice this each day to anchor your experience in peace, love and joy.
Get in the shower without turning the water on.
Cover your whole body in Body Polish, stand (or sit) salty, breathe in with your nose, deeply into you belly until you feel your breath synchronize with your heartbeat. 
Place your focus upon something which inspires the FEELING of joy, gratitude, or appreciation.  When you burst our in a smile or a laugh, you've arrived. 
If you are manifesting something, now is the time to bring that feeling to a vision of things or experiences you desire.  See the event playing out just as you desire, all the while feeling the joy appreciation of gratitude.
Pat dry,  allow the oils to remain on the skin, to protect your body throughout the day, enhancing dermal function.
Now go expect miracles, they are waiting for you.

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