Radiate and Ring

Radiate and Ring

Memorial Day is about many things, honoring our beloved dead, honoring the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom, and Freedom itself, ( to name but a few).  2022 we are awakening to truths about ourselves and our world which continue to astonish and surprise us.  It is time to engage in a conversation about what Freedom truly is on this auspicious weekend. (New Moon, on the 30th).

Freedom means many things to many people, 

To some, Freedom is the ability to buy what you want from the stores you visit.  After almost thirty years of activism for safe consumer choices, I have come to realize that a choice between a narrow field of man made options is not true freedom. 

To some, the ability to view content or stay in constant contact when and wherever they want is Freedom.  Our televisions, computers and smart phones vie constantly for our, and our children's, attention.  We have come to realize that it is all just a big distraction from real life itself.

To many, the freedom to "choose" their leaders is the key.   As America finds herself on the precipice of constitutional revolution, we wonder if our leadership is merely two sides of the same corrupted coin.

I have come to recognize that all of those so called freedoms are simply false choices created to distract us from the true freedom that lies within each of us, our true power, which is just now becoming apparent, but which has always and will always be ours to wield.  As humans we possess the most precious gift, the one inalienable superpower which none can take from us, Conscious Free Will.

As the immortal Bob Marley sings

"None but ourselves can free our mind, Have No Fear......"

The ultimate freedom is our freedom to choose our inner experience, unimpeded by outer circumstances.  It is our conscious, emotional frequency which is ours and ours alone to choose.  We are conditioned from an early age to believe that others can "make us" feel this or that emotion with their actions.  It is simply not true.  We can choose to blame them for the emotions we choose to feel, but it is ALL WAYS our choice, whether we recognize it or not.

Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Buddha  all demonstrated that we each have the power to  choose our inner experience, notwithstanding outer conditions.

Pop culture encourages us to believe that our emotions are "just" our feelings and that it ends there.  Many have come to "Inner-stand" that our emotions create the very structure of the world which we share.    

Tragic events have been raining down upon the people of Earth since the dawn of time, and recently, they are coming hard and fast.  I honor those who mourn their beloveds this weekend as I remember and honor my own.  I refuse however, to blame guns for violence, to blame germs for dis-ease, or to blame the goddess for her rape.  

If the dark side is able to inspire us to use our emotional bodies to project rage into the world, they win.  'Luke, I sense your anger, Come ....to the Dark Side.."  If there is always someone else to blame, personal responsibility never blooms into life.  If, instead of looking for another to blame for our discomfort, we honor our lives and those who have lived. By rising above the duality and choosing compassion, we change the world.

We are all being asked to Rise above the false choices and blame games, to actively choose to hold our bodies in alignment with Divine Life itself.   In the field of grace; all life is sacred, all experiences are gifts.  We are being asked to birth the  New Earth with our hearts and minds, using our priceless free will.

Today and every day, take time to be present in gratitude for everything that life brings.  The power to create the world we share lies within your own heart.  

Get into nature and listen for the voice of the Earth, she will speak to you.  If you cannot get to the wild, meditate, She will speak to you from within your heart. 

If the cacophony of artificial frequencies is still too loud for your to hear the quiet grace that lies within, bio-hack cellular equanimity with Trillium Body Polish!

Be the Grace you wish to FEEL in the world! 



A Ho

Blessed BE



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