Magnificent Lunar New Moon

Magnificent Lunar New Moon

 Magnificent New Lunar Moon and Solar Momentum

This week's New Moon and Imbolc offers magnificent waxing energies from Lunar and Solar influences to the already epic shift from the Piscean to Aquarian Age we are living right now.  

Three Graces

All of creation pulses in rhythmic cycles of unlimited magnitude.  We humans are are cyclical beings. The divine feminine expression within each person cycles with the moon. The divine masculine expression within each person cycles with the sun.  In this moment, it is the balancing, within each one of us of the divine polarities, this appears at the  frequency of grace. 

Moon Dark is auspicious for planting seeds of intention you wish to grow in the next 14 days to the Full Moon.  Imbolc is the tipping point, when we get closer to spring equinox than we are to winter solstice. Imbolc is used by wise women for planting the whole Year's Intentions attuning clearly spoken intentions into the quantum of potentialities.  It's kind of like giving your guardian angels the projects you would like their help with in the coming year.  

New Moon in Aquarius Monday, January 31, 2022.  11:46 pm CST

Solar Imbolc is Wednesday February 2, 2022

Such a moment blending the two into one is one a grand stage of alignments a moment which has been foretold for millennia. The Goddess is being returned to her rightful place of honor in balanced connection with her beloved.  Quite literally this is a choice that each one of us is being presented.  We can cultivate conditions for connection of the masculine and feminine energies within each of us, or continue to host the energy of fear, duality, and judgment.

We are being given a choice to allow our selves to love our selves unconditionally.  It is a frequency match, so the utter lack of against-ness must be absolute, without conditions, devoid of resistance, free from judgement, liberated from duality in all of its forms.

Unconditional Self care with Trillium Herbal Spa is made for this moment.  For you, to choose your self, to carve out time to love your self first.

Body Polish

Trillium, the power of 3 is that of the catalyst, increasing the rate of the reactions around it while remaining stable and unchanged itself.  Trillium invites you to be the Catalyst for our manifestation of the Age of Aquarius which is ours to lean into and be supported by.  We are the one's we've been waiting for.  Now is the time, Here is the place.

Trillium Herbal care supports harmonious aromas to inspire inner coherence.  Organic emollients naturally enhance your dermal biome resilience.  Good boundaries facilitate integrity and coherence to grow.  You chose to match your inner emotional experience with natural grace, now you are self appointed the ambassador of grace into the your own personal emotional landscape, your own reflection made manifest.  You now radiate and shine that grace into the experience of others and in so doing, cultivate and strengthen connections of care and compassion with one self, and with one another.   Trillium's potent high frequency aromatics, emollients and energetics, energetically welcome wellness in your experience.  Trillium is crafted specifically to help you to cultivate the state of grace, from whence miracles flow.  Unconditional self care, fills your inner well to overflowing so your own wellspring of self compassion supports your  abundant flow on cyclical connection with inner divine magnificent alignment is constantly being refreshed.

The Season of Love 2022 is yours to create.  The experience is yours to choose.  Will you choose yourself, or choose disappointment and blame?

You need only your own permission to care for your self like the Goddess you are. Only you can choose to allow yourself to show yourself the love that you crave and deserve, and reprogramming your light body, and your biological expression to default vibrationally to the state of grace, thereby placing your soul and body within synchronicity, ease and safety.   Or your could choose resistance, fear, distraction or judgement.  You must feel this yourself, and you are the only person who can give it to yourself.  The unified field of grace, the cosmic dance of polarities, loving partners locked in eternal reflectional flow.   This is all happening within your own heart.  Have a ball.  

Woman by the Mirror

You radiate the vibration you cultivate and choose, always magnetizing it's perfect vibrational reflection, when you're in the emotional state of Grace, you naturally radiate compassion for all whom you meet.  Generosity of spirit is easy when your own wellspring of mojo is well tended.

Let this season of love begin with you! 

Be Well,


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