Full Moon In Cancer

Today is the Full Moon in Cancer. 

Lunar New Year, welcome year of the Water Tiger!  

"Well Come Divine Mother" 

Full Moon Woman

Today we make room in our hearts for the divine feminine. She returns not to take the throne of the Divine masculine, but to share the throne with Him. 

This Full moon can feel like the hug you've always wanted from your divine parents.  It truly is your choice what you will perceive.

Today we can trade in "responsibility"  for "responsiveness".

Responsibility implies a certain owing to another, whereas responsiveness places all power and freewill choice in our own sovereign beings.

We are not talking about the ego delusion of me myself and I on a service to self path.

Once you understand fractal divinity, you can rest in faith in all seeing that you are but a wave  of the divine ocean of creation.  You are a leaf on the tree of life, at once your individual mind and the entirety of creation itself. We can let go of the self resistance that the Piscean age has downloaded into our psyche, individual and collective.  

Our inner life is the realm of this transformation.  The work is ours to do, but it is not striving questing and willing.  We are being asked to hold our selves in the conscious posture of gratitude and magnificent expectancy.  


How do we do that with all of the drama surrounding us?

Identify more with The divine inherent nature of all that is.

and Consciously choose to radiate the light of life through blissful celebration of the love that you witness, and performing compassionate acts everywhere you go, and with everyone you meet.

See All as the divine expression of Father/Mother God, balanced source energy.

Use your free will to intentionally focus your conscious awareness upon the grace that surrounds you   The life force that is all life in the universe that you are.  Tune into that unified field that is made of love, that you are made of.

Daily Alignment with Source Energy keeps your body in the field of grace throughout the rest of your day.

Covering your body in Body Polish and allowing the process of Saltatory Conduction to refresh the energies, meet and neutralize free radicals ( positively charged electrons). Restore equanimity at the point of your electromagnetic receivers. 

BE your own Magnificent Wave. 

BE the whole Maginificent Ocean.  

When you are in that state of connection, see with your inner eye you having all of the abundance of love and connection you desire, walk through all of the scenarios and permutations in your head.  Enjoy the dance in your imagination.  Bliss is your birthright.

Be a Divine presence in this world.

Together we will create the New Gaia, the Golden Dawn, the Age of Aquarius that is our Divine Inheritance. 

We are creating heaven on earth.

We are the one's we've been waiting for

The wait is over.

Embrace your Superpower.

RISE with US!





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