Human Torus

Choosing Sovereign Magnificence for your "New Normal"

Love Your Self First!

Are you  ready to Embrace your Magnificence as a Sovereign Soul, Empowered by Free Will?

Are you willing to allow your superpower to bloom into your perception?

Tesla said " “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Today's world is so full of artificially broadcast frequencies ( towers, boosters, and devices), it seems as if a concerted effort is being made to keep us out of touch with our natural vibe.  The timing of the Earth's ascension into 5D consciousness, makes the appearance of artificial frequency broadcasting towers in every neighborhood in America seem even more suspicious.  How are we to Rise into 5D consciousness notwithstanding the cacophony of dissonance we each swim through daily?   

 In a sea of artificially generated data packages, Wifi and tower signals move right through our walls, and our bodies, cell phones etc.   our cells absorb extra positively charged electrons.  Iphone >General>legal and regulatory>RF exposure says this " Iphone has been tested and meets applicable limits for Radio Frequency exposure.  Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) refers to the rate at which the body absorbs RF energy. The SAR limit is 1.6 watts per kilogram in countries that set the limit averaged over 1 gram of tissue and 2.0 watts per kilogram in countries that set the limit over 10 grams of tissue.  During testing, Iphone radios are set to highest transmission levels and placed in positions that simulate uses against the head, with no separation, and when worn against the torso of the body with 5mm separation."  They are saying that our regulatory agencies find it acceptable.  They are not saying that it is safe at any level.  They are admitting that positive ions are being absorbed (SAR) into the human body. Positively charged electrons ( cations) are also known as free radicals, causers of cellular mayhem. 

What is there to be done?  

Take back control of your own personal power.  While shielding can be helpful to deflect the highest exposures, it is not capable of preventing any and all absorption of positive ions.  We must seek balance, resonance, and coherence.

We each generate vibration within our Heart center that we radiate out into the world.  Our "sphere of influence" is a direct result of the energy we cultivate in our own hearts, and radiate creating a vortex of energy that can change nothing, or move mountains.  It is our free will choice, all ways.  Do we allow the illusion of separation to enter our hearts through fear and loathing? or do we cultivate empowerment through faith in the balance that all opposites polarize together?   Do we indulge in blame, judging ourselves or others for their gawky dance moves?  Or do we choose to nurture joy, gratitude and compassion for each's individuality?

Inner judgement and self deprication or disapproval diminish your energy.   

Frequency- create a daily practice that grounds your energy into the frequency of gratutude, joy and radiant celebration.

Be In Love with the Universe like harmonizing and singing a song together.

The universe is singing now, waiting for you to join the choir

Reading the music and thinking about playing is a very difference feeling to hearing playing and enjoying music with others.

Mitigate Karma

If the weight of the past feels heavy, perform selfless acts til it resolves, Compassion dissolves Karma.

The lie of conflict and competition.  All a big campaign to erase personal knowledge and experience of the divine within.  So here we stand, in 2021, at the precipice of a new age, each individual empowered with the rare and precious gift of Free Will choice.  We can choose to host the illusion that we are not all connected, which opens the door to that inner voice telling us all the ways in which we suck.  That has got to go. Or we can admit that Quantum Physics has proven that we are all connected by energy, We are all made of energy, ormis, plasma, life force, Chi, Prana, there are many names, God being one of them. Yup 

We are each one of us illuminated by the divine light of Father/Mother God

We do things every day with compassion that place our countenance in compassionate vibration  It feels good to do good.  Balanced, intention doing good for its own energetic, vibe raising sake,  Maximize the benefits by bringing maximum integrity and gratitude for the opportunity to be of service, and you've got yourself and full tank of grace to fuel you next endeavor, hopefully good fun or good work, bringing a vibed up heart to any task makes the task lighter for all involved.  

Eat Light

Literally. Eat plenty of live, vital food, seriously you know the difference, the light quotient in fresh peas is different than the light quotient in canned baked beans.  Fresh plants hold light force.  Eat as close to the harvest as you can, processed food hold the energetic imprint of the "processing".  Animals enslaved from birth  and slaughtered in fear hold the proteins and enzymes of that trauma in thier muscles as sure as the adrelaline and cortisol you feel course through your own.  Perhaps part of America's emotional dis harmony is gathered into our biological expressions from eating conventionally rasied meat products?  Perhaps?  Your choice, your free will, make sense ot me if you seek your light body, eat light.

Dance with Bliss

Create internal conditions for a joyful mind, grateful heart, harmonizing you emotional experience into coherence. At least once, often as possible,  Gather your calm, preferably outside or in a peaceful, uninterrupted sacred space.  Bring to your mind something your are grateful for, anything will do, hold onto that gratitude feeling, other happy thoughts may pop in, and grow your gratitude for all of the many blessings you enjoy until your heart overflows, and realize you're smiling.  Now gently guide your awareness to your magnificence, the impossibly awesome gift that you are to all of creation. Do not let the neg voice in to cast doubt and shatter the matrix of harmonic coherence, you just gotta laugh, forgive yourself for letting old programs fool you yet again. Tune right back into the high vibe frequency of love  joy and connection.   Watch the vibe drop and raise it.

Pay attention to your emotions, and you take the helm of your own emotional vessel, E (energy) motion.  We must  take the helm of our own quantum e-motional radiance and begin to wield our own resilience.  We have all been charmed into allowing other people's content via pocket screens to drive our emotional ships.  The stories and games of  violence and conflict crime and punishment pettiness and lack.  There are thankfully gazzillions of heroic and Spiritually mature channels to tune into. Which take your emotional body through the experience of feeling compassion.  Your emotional experience butterfly effects reality so be on purpose.

We watch movies and empathize with the characters and live through them E-motionally  They are called motion pictures for a reason.  The are literally transmitted through electromagnetic waves broadcast to our human brains. 

We are creators of the reality we share.  We create it with the emotions we share with one another its not about politeness, it about magnetics.  Whatever emotion you are BE-ing that is what you are magnetizing and polarizing in your field, the quantum field cuts both time and space loose without losing connection.  We are the creators, so lets create, and use the gadgets with intention and in coherence with love  take back our personal sovereignty and learn how to wield our energy into the motion we choose to direct it.  To manifest peace, and nurture life, connecting with one another from a  paradigm of harmonic connection instead of the agenda of top down control slavery, alienation, separation, hierarchy, patriachy.  Thank you and good night.

Make Nature your New Normal

Earthing (walking or standing barefoot on the soil or grass or sand).  with a rhythmic frequency, like daily practice.

Forest Bathing walking in the trees, hugging trees heart to heart, listening to thier deep wisdom and savoring thier many gifts.

Does your life offer few places and limited time for connecting with Earth Energy?

If you cannot immerse yourself in nature, bring the vibration of Nature to your regular self care ritual

Body Polish:  Applied dry, and allowed to remain on the surface for a spell, salt crystals bathe your peripheral nerves and capillaries in negative ions, polarizing with the extra positive ions, from electro-smog, and air pollution, into balanced radiant resilience.

Vibrational Hygiene is a quantum path to create the conditions for nurturing coherent life force within your own body. When we achieve resonant coherence in our cells, our bodies can optimally function, free to flourish. Nurturing Inner Peace, by learning to wield our Free Will to invite empowering emotional experiences, thereby creating the conditions on Gaia, Spontaneous Universal Peace.

How can I experience Vibrational Coherence?

When Body Polish is held on the surface of the skin,, you create the optimal space-time conditions for electromagnetic conduction, polarizing your cellular expression into resonant coherence. The close proximity of the concentrated anion source right on the surface of the skin. Gently smooth a light coating of salt over the entire body surface. like magnets moving over glass, the salt can mobilize lymph and stimulate circulation. Allowing some time for the process to cycle through hyper and hypo polarization, gradually increasing the action potential in your cells.

When do I practice Vibrational Hygiene?

Body Polish moves energy, in daily meditation, as a mood reboot , when you shift your focus, in tantric connection, for reaching across sensory diminishment with dementia or parkinsons as a medium for compassionate touch, or as an integral part or your ascension practice. As your body begins to hold more light, you will naturally gravitate to an emotional experience of gratitude over drama and chaos, calm confidence over fear and anxiety, as you ascend there is less imbalance to resolve. Eventually, it becomes your default countenance, and it simply holds your body in a vibrational attitude in which you easily enjoy abundance and empowerment.

Body Polish Catalyzes Conditions for Coherence Personally and Planetarily

When you are willing to embrace and allow receptive nonresistance, the experience of being in unconditional love with your magnificent empowered self, the matrix of programed disempowerment spontaneously shatters and the veil lifts to reveal a world full of natural wonder, love connections, compassion and grace. Trillium Herbal Company reverently hand crafts solutions to help you create the catalytic conditions for your own vibrational coherence, supercharging your personal spiritual practice, bringing you into focussed coherence that enables and invites quantum leaps in awareness and perception, and ascension.


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