Vibrational Hygiene, more than a feeling.

Vibrational Hygiene, more than a feeling.

Your dermal integumentary system modulates inner conditions for harmonious internal cooperation enabling us to continue to stay alive as unified functioning human beings. Skin monitors and modulates outer and inner levels of moisture, temperature, and vibration. We travel in our skin suits through a world of information through which our skin stands ever vigilant to acceptance (absorption) or rejection (deflection). Your skin, mem"BRAIN", intelligent dermal biome. is your gateway between within and without, on multiple levels and dimensions. Just as good boundaries enable personal growth. The skin is that point of transition between inner and outer expression. Nurture your dermal biome's support it's vigilant cultivation of your internal electromagnetic empowerment.

Dermal Resilience, More than a Feeling

Body Polish rejuvenates, hydrates and protects your dermal biome. Fresh oils dissolve grime, salt exfoliates dry skin, dust, dirt. Apply dry, rolling crystals over skin for a spell, then rinse. Pat off beaded water. Rub in the smooth & strong lipid biome barrier.

Create Conditions to Welcome Wellness

Positively charged electrons can be absorbed into our bodies from wireless radiation, and pollution You can restore inner quantum coherence through nature immersion, grounding or Vibrational Hygiene, the Body Polish BioHack, Bringing Balance to your Shower or Bath. Polish smeared for a spell upon skin, creates a magnitude of negatively charged sodium ions, annoints fresh lipo-phyllic pathways, optimizes your dermal biome's signal gated ion channels, facilitates multi-dimentional restoration of your personal magnificence, all protected within a live lipid bubble protecting your rejuvenated high functioning dermal biome Vibrational Hygiene for Quantum Coherence Seeking higher vibe experience? Ready to feel the majesty of New Gaia now? Soothe oxidative stress caused by a preponderance of cations, brought to you by the smog of modernity. BioHack the polar equanimity of your quantum coherence in the sanctuary of your own shower cabinet. Holding oiled salt crystals on the surface of your skin creates a magnificence of negatively charged sodium ions, travelling through freshly annointed lipophyllic pathways throughout your dermal biome's signal gated ion channel, resonating imbalanced polarity on the subatomic plane into resonant coherence I have be diving deeply into dermal biome biology, quantum physics and the potential for compassion as the foundation of the New Gaia. I have indeed uncovered a new way to use Body Polish to optimize emotional coherence, for enhance awareness of inner peace, for manifesting, for ascension, for enhancing your pineal gland perception. "Learn how to see, how everything is connected with everything else." Leonardo DaVinci All animal cells are surrounded by a membrane composed of a lipid bilayer with proteins embedded in it. The membrane serves as both an insulator and a diffusion barrier to the movement of ions. Transmembrane proteins, also known as ion transporter or ion pump proteins, actively push ions across the membrane and establish concentration gradients across the membrane, and ion channels allow ions to move across the membrane down those concentration gradients. Ion pumps and ion channels are electrically equivalent to a set of batteries and resistors inserted in the membrane, and therefore create a voltage between the two sides of the membrane. Voltage Gated Sodium channels are integral membrane proteins that form ion channels, conducting sodium ions (Na+) through a cell's plasma membrane.[1][2] They belong to the superfamily of cation channels and can be classified according to the trigger that opens the channel for such ions, i.e. either a voltage-change ("voltage-gated", "voltage-sensitive", or "voltage-dependent" sodium channel; also called "VGSCs" or "Nav channel") or a binding of a substance (a ligand) to the channel (ligand-gated sodium channels). An action potential is generated in the following magnetic 'zones' in a flow cycle: depolarization, repolarization, hyperpolarization and a refactory period. In excitable cells such as neurons, myocytes, and certain types of glia, sodium channels are responsible for the rising phase of action potentials. These channels go through three different states called resting, active and inactive states. Even though the resting and inactive states would not allow the ions to flow through the channels the difference exists with respect to their structural conformation. Keeping our personal energy vibrant and resilient through forest bathing, earthing in dewy grass, visit the seashore or a waterfall is all about infusing your body with the feel good benefits of negative ions. which can be absorbed through inhalation, absorption thought lungs or absorption through skin into awaiting neurons. Our skin as a receiver of electromagnetic information illuminated profound therapeutic potential, polishing dry and allowing the salt crystals to be held at the surface of the skin for 3 to 13 minutes. The salt held by Sunflower oil on the surface of the skin, causes a spark in transmembrane voltage, this segment moves toward the extracellular side of the cell membrane, allowing the channel to become permeable to ions. Saltatory Conduction is the name for the process. At the peak of the action potential, when enough Na+ has entered the neuron and the membrane's potential has become high enough, the Na+ channels inactivate themselves by closing their inactivation gates. Closure of the inactivation gate causes Na+ flow through the channel to stop, which in turn causes the membrane potential to stop rising. The closing of the inactivation gate creates a refractory period within each individual Na+ channel. This refractory period eliminates the possibility of an action potential moving in the opposite direction back towards the soma. With its inactivation gate closed, the channel is said to be inactivated. With the Na+ channel no longer contributing to the membrane potential, the potential decreases back to its resting potential as the neuron repolarizes and subsequently hyperpolarizes itself, and this constitutes the falling phase of an action potential. The refractory period of each channel is therefore vital in propagating the action potential unidirectionally down an axon for proper communication between neurons. In neuronal cells, an action potential begins with a rush of sodium ions into the cell through sodium channels, resulting in depolarization, while recovery involves an outward rush of potassium through potassium channels. Both of these fluxes occur by passive diffusion, a process which takes no energy from the cells. While cells expend energy to transport ions and establish a transmembrane potential, they use this potential in turn to transport other ions and metabolites such as sugar. The transmembrane potential of the mitochondria drives the production of ATP, which is the common currency of biological energy. Ibrahim Karim, PhD. DrSc. the father of BioGeometry describes the skin through analogy to architecture, "The walls of the house that incorporate the windows and doors much be seen as a very important communication layer where the exchange of information between the inside and outside take place. In many cultures, the skin is regarded as the keeper of information on every aspect of our lives. The concept that our skin speaks to the universe, yielding it all our inner secrets, is not farfetched. Nor, on the other hand, is the concept that our skin draws the entire information of the universe into our hearts. This is the energetic heart described in mystical traditions."

The unconditional care of the skin and it's spiritual, and perceptual potential at a time such as this on our planet is my own grateful fascination. Skin's primary and essential function is to sense, to feel energy, but did you know that the nervous system is formed from the outer membrane of the embryo. "As the embryo develops, a portion of the ectoderm differentiates into a specialized region of neuroectoderm, which is the precursor for the tissue of the nervous system. Molecular signals induce cells in this region to differentiate into the neuroepithelium, forming a neural plate. The cells then begin to change shape, causing the tissue to buckle and fold inward.  A neural groove forms, visible as a line along the dorsal surface of the embryo. The ridge-like edge on either side of the neural groove is referred as the neural fold. As the neural folds come together and converge, the underlying structure forms into a tube just beneath the ectoderm called the neural tube. Cells from the neural folds then separate from the ectoderm to form a cluster of cells referred to as the neural crest, which runs lateral to the neural tube. The neural crest migrates away from the nascent, or embryonic, central nervous system (CNS) that will form along the neural groove and develops into several parts of the peripheral nervous system (PNS), including the enteric nervous tissue.

It makes perfect sense to me that our skin is the place to begin when we seek to soothe our nervous system. Humanity is experiencing a crisis of stress, nervous tension, depression, and suicides. It is completely useless to point at some reason for our anguish, other than to extend gratitude for the grow inducing challenges they provide. It is only helpful to focus inward.

This all means that you will experience a net increase in the cellular coherence so we, as humans gifted with free will can generate cultivate and radiate life's abundant energy. When you you are ready to allow yourself to feel unconditional self care, it's a delight to begin by selecting the aromatherapy energetic pattern, which resonates with your own innate. What are you cultivating in your emotional garden?


Honor your self by intentionally selecting the feeling idea that sparkles with synchronicity. Choosing botanical allies to dance upon your olfactory nerves, speaking directly to your limbic brain. You may experience an enhanced awareness of long forgotten connections, quiet whispers, ignored by many who tune into the much louder and more insistent Modern Matrix of Madness. Experience deep appreciation of the beauty and compassionate connection through which humanity dances with our plant allies, our world and with one another.

We are the One's we've been waiting for!

The Time is Now Wherever and Whenever you are

You can invite and experience and broadcast Grace

Let's empower ourselves with gratitude and joy and inner peace.

Peace, understood as the cessation of against-ness, is a state of inner equanimity. We can create this experience, and infuse it into our lives as an intentional act of reality creation as we support the emergence of New Gaia

Walking in Balance, to create a Heaven on Earth. Here. Now.

A world founded upon unconditional compassion for self, and the quantum empowerment of maturely benevolent compassionate acts which grows organically into a thriving community powered by compassion, within and without. 

What are you choosing to Feel right now?

That feeling is creating your experience

Cultivate your garden of emotions wisely, Sovereign Soul

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