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Skin is More that Meets the Eye!

Could it be that all we care about is what it looks like?  While the appearance of the skin is valuable as an indicator of vitality and function.  The appearance of the skin is primarily for the eye of the beholder, the visual experience of another and not at all about the person on the inside. Personally, I am so much more interested in what if feels like.

What if we considered our skin from its own perspective.

For its own sake

After all, our skin is home to my all time favorite sense, the sensorial feeling zone itself, home  to the hidden interconnected web of the peripheral nervous system, the circulatory's cappilaries. This signal gated barrier  plays an integral part of keeping our bodies alive.  Holding us in the range where we thrive, in homeostatic balance of inner moisture, temperature, and vibrational frequency.  Our skin is our brilliant  mem-"brain" even boasting a self-repairing system.

If it is seen as only eye candy, self care can be seen as self-indulgent and optional.  We know that it is so much more. Caring for ourselves has been twisted into a strange version of its original raison d'etre.  Self-care is cast into an odd light within the context of a culture that doesn't perceive individuals as sovereign unto themselves.  Within the modern western culture of which promotes a victim/bully dynamic of patriarchal systems, self-care's main purpose is to make your appearance match a predefined norm as mate bait, glamour, or camouflage. 

We are told to cover it up, with clothing and makeup to be "decent".  Ah, excuse me, I was born in my birthday suit and so was everyone else!  Skin has been used to oppress people according to color coding and gender-based stereotypes.  All of the shaming and blaming that has centered on our skin is a major clue to how much personal power actually resides there. 

Our own experience tells us that our skin receives messages from the environment.  Our hair stands on end when we sense danger. We "get a feeling", aka our skin receives vibrational information which is either ignored or acknowledged by us. A recent study proves that our skin acts as a terahertz receiver  I posit that the smear campaign has been an effort to encourage people to ignore the messages that they are receiving, to rely instead upon the dogma fed to us from outside.  The result of the centuries of organized religion's oppression of experiential spirituality.  Quantum Physics and scientific discoveries about the electromagnetic nature of all life change all that. 

When you feel the inner pull to love yourself,  you can support the idea or undermine it.  You are the only one who can give yourself permission to feel hopeful and happy or compare yourself to a slump. I am here to celebrate and joyfully provision anyone who is willing to show up for themselves, to love themselve enough to  manifest the world they truly desire. 

As a mother, a caregiver, and a business owner, if I didn't show up for myself, I know from experience that I cannot possibly show up for all of the people who depend on me.  Oh, I might be there in body, but if I've been harsh with myself, I can be just as harsh with the ones I love the most.   I have learned (the hard way) that when I take the time to balance my energy, strengthen my body, and cultivate joy. I can show up for my friends & family, colleagues & customers with infinitely more positive energy and emotional resilience.  Self-care is a path to the radiance that shines from you onto and into those you interact with. 

Mindful cultivation of Grace is the easiest way to activate our manifesting powers in this world.

At Trillium, we speak of Self Care from the perspective of your own personal inner experience within your body.  We approach skin as an intelligent and complex biome that can be nourished, nurtured, and supported into a balanced function.  We are also very interested in exploring the skin's function as our receiver of sensory information.  We can all benefit from getting in touch with our feelings.  

We make a delicious array of experiential options to help you discover and delight in the sensorial playground that is your own skin.   Choose from the Ionic balancing of Body Polish, the sensuous shared experience of massage with Body Oil, or the insulating comfort of Body Butter.  select from our array of pure essential oil blends which act directly upon the nervous system through both inhalation and absorption. 

Will you give yourself permission to listen to the etherial aromatic song of the plant allies inviting you to vibrate in harmony with your life force? Can you pause long enough to fill your heart to overflowing?  Can you be a source of light in the world for your Self?  for your Beloveds?  for Life Itself?

Let me know in the comments.

BE well, 


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