International Women's (Womb/men's) Day

2021 International Woman's (Wombmen's) Day is unprecedented..

We can celebrate that there are women in places of political academic and financial power across the planet. From Janet Yelland heading up the Fed, to  Kamala Harris as Vice President,  Women in the western world occupy some of the highest offices of responsibility in the free world.  The strides that women have made into the structures of public life are vast and numerous.  But today, I wish not only to celebrate the fact that women can wear suits as capably as men, but that men wear skirts.  Specifically that the feminine is no longer widely demonized, mistrusted, and maligned.  In the culture that is emerging, men and women alike can be fully integrated humans adepts wielding their full potential as human creators.  

Karen in the Forest

International Women's Day is special this year because there is a sea change in the mind of humanity.  We are at a planetary precipice, in which we have the hindsight perspective on the closing age of Pisces, the fish, the epoch of the Son, with all of the unrealized promise and potential which it held.  The promise which one could argue was dashed to the four winds in the fourth century when the Council of Nicea chose to destroy and suppress forty books written by those who walked with Yeshua, including all of the books written by women.  The Patricians edited carefully hiding all value which might be ascribed to the feminine.  Perhaps they knew that a divinely balanced human could muster enough personal power to topple their control?  Perhaps they knew that if humans could experience the divine within and without themselves, there might not be a place for emperors and their armies.  The impetuous editors threw Mary Magdelene into the streets to be stoned to death for her "sin" of being a prostitute and a whore.  All of humanity has paid for that revision with the esteem of thier own divine feminine, so long shrouded in shame, blame, and disempowered by viscious victimization.   As we stand at the trailing end of the extinction of 99% of the known species on our planet, perhaps the bully/victim dynamic was a great learning experience for humanity.  

It is the truth of human existance that is now emerging from us within our very bodies. Eons of abuse, victim shaming, generations programmed minds mistrusting feelings and inner knowing and love itself.   Aligning our e-motions (energy in motion) to nurture and support life is the entry for every human to mature into full creative expression.

This year, we shift into the Aquarian age, and the epoch of the Daughter.  There is once again, great promise and potential.  The welcoming presence of the Divine Feminine is not here to take the CEO job for herself.  Rather she is here to breathe compassion and love into the hearts of all sentient beings who can allow themselves to receive, to be the vessel that is Divine.  Can you allow yourself to receive?  Can we allow our world to affirm life?  

Woman Meditating

Just as Peace is the cessation of "againstness", the power of the Feminine is the inner trust of our own inner knowing.  After millennia of patriarchal programming, it can be hard to trust.  So, start small, give your Self permission to just BE.  Care for your body because it feels good, not because of how it looks, not because of what some one else might think you look like.  We are all being invited to actualize own divine super power, to experience for ourselves, within ourselves, masculine and feminine, welcoming one another, trusting one another within ourselves.

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  • Marla

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