The Secret to Supple Skin in Harsh Winter

Trillium Treatment Oil

The polar vortex, the vigilant hand washing, the dry air, all coalesce to deeply dehydrate your skin leaving you chapped, flaky, cracking and raw.  Unless you've got Trillium's Solutions at the ready.

The Trillium approach to keeping skin resilient is older than the Wisewoman with young hands who told me her secret on the train platform, so many years ago.  A simple habit which can keep your skin soft and protected no matter how cold, dry, and over sanitized the world gets. A simple habit which spawned my life's work.

Skin is protected in it's outermost layer, the stratum corneum, by lipids.  Those lipids are easily stripped by the harsh conditions, leaving the stratum corneum unprotected from dehydration.  Washing hands, sanitizing and cleansing isolate oil molecules (lipids) and rinses them away. 


WISE WOMAN WISDOM:  If wet skin is allowed to air dry unprotected, it will dehydrate to the level that it had been hydrated.  


Never ever let hydrated skin dry fully without lipid protection.  Freshly washed skin must be sealed with oil in order to be in dry air without dehydrating. 

If your skin gets tight, dry and starts to crack. Your skin is sending you a message. "HELP! My lipid layer isn’t enough! This is your  intelligent skin system desperately attempting to create a protective shell  over the area that has been exposed to dehydration. but  inflexible chapped skin  cracks. The answer is hydrate and oleate.  Best to do it before skin chaps and moves into irritation and inflammation.

Healthy functioning skin has self healing systems already in place. To facilitate the intelligence of the skin, we can create the environment for healing, but it is your skin that does the magic.  

You can wash your hands as often as you need without sending your skin out of balance if you follow this one simple rule.


Oleate the skin every time you hydrate.

Steer clear of lotions and creams as they always, by definition include some anti microbial preservative which wipes out the community of friendly bacteria which create the surface biome fo the skin.

Select from Trillium's solutions from the lightest coating to richest bonus barrier.


Body Oil applied to wet skin, leaves just a wisp of glowing protection.

Body Oil over freshly washed (hydrated) and dried skin (no water on surface) leaves a light coating of oil.

Body Butter on freshly washed hands will fully protect them from dehydration even when using sanitizers in between..

Organic Body Polish gives chapped skin a full reboot. Polish exfoliates, hydrates, moisturizes and  leaves a silky smooth seal.

All of our therapeutic grade essential oils add powerful aromatherapy for your olfactory sense, indulge your skin in the sensorial bliss of protected balanced function.


WARNING : Healthy Skin can be Habit Forming

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