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Salt on Skin

I've been making Body Polish for decades, watched thousands of people amazed by the experience of Body Polish as they rub their hands. 

 I have finally discovered the reason why it feels so darn good!

Today's world is inundated with positive ions. They enter our bodies imperceptibly, until we land in the bummer zone, fatigued, and emotionally raw.  Positive ions are contributed by fluorescent lighting, televisions, air conditioners and microwave ovens pollution, smoke, and unshielded  electronic devices of all kinds.  Our office and schools and homes are suddenly crackling with positive ions. It is not surprising that the mental health of humanity is being challenged during this pandemic.  Add fear to positive ions, let it drag on for months, you have a recipe for chronic systemic stress.

Studies show that negative ions boost your seratonin levels, and give your body a general feeling of well being. Research supports the view that negative ions have a net positive effect on health, including improved mood, stabilized catecholamine regulation and circadian rhythm, enhanced recovery from physical exertion and protection from positive ion-related stress and exhaustion disorders.  Negative ions can be added to the body by earthing, forest bathing, waterfall splashing. It's why we take hikes and walk on beaches, because it feels good.  Negative ions are a big reason for the good feeling. 

Body Polish on Skin

Himalayan Salt Lamps tout that the heated salt rocks will release negative ions into the air and when we breathe that air, we receive a healthy dose of negative ions.  Scientific studies have revealed that the amount of negative ions actually released into the air is not enough to really make a difference in your body.  But inhalation is not the only way for negative ions to enter the body.  Turns out negative ions can enter the body through the skin or the lungs.  

Enter Body Polish, crystalline salt generously producing negative ions, when held upon the surface of the skin for a spell, of 10 minutes or longer, you allow the process of Saltatory Conduction to deliver negative ions across the skin's barrier to peripheral nervous system and capillaries. You can feel a shift when you leave the salt on the surface for a long enough time for your body to download sufficient negative ions to impact your seratonin level.  It's a palpable mood shift, a veritable reboot of your vibe.  It's the feeling that people have described to me for a quarter century, that I never before understood.

Here's my protocol for the Body Polish Power Shower

I live in Wisconsin, so I prime my shower with warm water first.  I turn on the shower and get it at the perfect temperature. Then I turn it off and step inside. I grab a good handful of Body Polish and smooth it over my entire body. Then (and here's where the magic really happens) I pause for a spell.

I close my eyes and breathe deep. I take in all the essential oil goodness and let the stress of whatever in the the world is weighing on me and let it all melt away. I really take my time here. I usually allow the salt to remain on the surface of the skin, for at least 7 minutes, if I've got the time, much longer.

Sometimes I even sit down in the shower and meditate for a while. Our formula is so nourishing, so balancing, that I never feel itchy or uncomfortable letting my skin breathe with the salt, I simply feel "held". 

After I feel harmonized into peace  when I feel good and ready, I will turn on the water and let the flow of warmth wash it all away. 

A friend who isn't able to reach her back, and is mindful to prevent slipping and falling shared recently that she lays a towel in the bathtub, and stands on it, polishes her whole body, then lays down and rubs the now salted towel on her back. She lays there completely covered in polish, for her reboot, then she fills the bath while she is laying there.  She says a wet towel is small price to pay for the safety and peace of laying down for the meditative vibrational shift.

Trust me on this one. You want to try this method next time you shower. I do my very best thinking and reflecting during this meditative time. 

Let me know in the comments how it goes for YOU!

BE Well, 

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  • Melissa Banahan

    I took your suggestion to heart and turned off the water in my shower, massaged a generous portion of chocolate salt scrub into my skin and allowed my mind to focus on the simple act of caring for my skin in such a wonderful way. I usually use my salt scrub with the water off but never give myself those extra minutes to fully enjoy the process. Slowing down and being fully present is a lesson I am learning to cherish. Thank you!

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