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Care giving starts with Self Care

Compassionate caregivers, parents, child care workers, lightworkers, nurses, healthcare workers, hospice workers, body workers, salon workers, sex workers, and healers of all modalities. We salute you because we are you.  We, have walked many paths of caring, and we have learned that the measure of your care is limited only by your own self care.  That is to say, you cannot give what you do not have, and self care is something that only we can give to ourselves, and thereby inspire others to give to themselves.  In reverence for the sacred moments of caring for our selves and our beloveds, we offer our own authentic solutions, based upon principals of Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Traditional Herbalism. "The act of caring for...

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Full Moon In Cancer

Today is the Full Moon in Cancer.  Lunar new year, welcome year of the Water Tiger!   "Well Come Divine Mother"  Today we make room in our hearts for the divine feminine. She returns not to take the throne of the Divine masculine, but to share the throne with Him.  This Full moon can feel like the hug you've always wanted from your divine parents.  It truly is your choice what you will perceive.

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