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Full Moon In Cancer

Today is the Full Moon in Cancer.  Lunar new year, welcome year of the Water Tiger!   "Well Come Divine Mother"  Today we make room in our hearts for the divine feminine. She returns not to take the throne of the Divine masculine, but to share the throne with Him.  This Full moon can feel like the hug you've always wanted from your divine parents.  It truly is your choice what you will perceive.

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Choosing Sovereign Magnificence for your "New Normal"

Love Your Self First! Are you  ready to Embrace your Magnificence as a Sovereign Soul, Empowered by Free Will? Are you willing to allow your superpower to bloom into your perception? Tesla said " “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Today's world is so full of artificially broadcast frequencies ( towers, boosters, and devices), it seems as if a concerted effort is being made to keep us out of touch with our natural vibe.  The timing of the Earth's ascension into 5D consciousness, makes the appearance of artificial frequency broadcasting towers in every neighborhood in America seem even more suspicious.  How are we to Rise into 5D consciousness notwithstanding the cacophony of...

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International Women's (Womb/men's) Day

International Women's Day is special this year because there is a sea change in the mind of humanity.  We are at a planetary precipice, in which we have the hindsight perspective on the closing age of Pisces, the fish, the epoch of the Son, with all of the unrealized promise and potential which it held...This year, we shift into the Aquarian age, and the epoch of the Daughter.  There is once again, great promise and potential.  The welcoming presence of the Divine Feminine is not here to take the CEO job for herself.  Rather she is here to breathe compassion and love into the hearts of all sentient beings who can allow themselves to receive, to be the vessel that is Divine. ...

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