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The Secret to Supple Skin in Harsh Winter

The polar vortex, the vigilant hand washing, the dry air, all coalesce to deeply dehydrate your skin leaving you chapped, flaky, cracking and raw.  Unless you've got Trillium's Solutions at the ready. The Trillium approach to keeping skin resilient is older than the Wisewoman with young hands who told me her secret on the train platform, so many years ago.  A simple habit which can keep your skin soft and protected no matter how cold, dry, and over sanitized the world gets. A simple habit which spawned my life's work. Skin is protected in it's outermost layer, the stratum corneum, by lipids.  Those lipids are easily stripped by the harsh conditions, leaving the stratum corneum unprotected from dehydration.  Washing hands,...

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Vibrational Hygiene

My favorite way to apply Body Polish is to "Polish Dry". Yes, that's right. Dry! I turn on the shower and get it at the perfect temperature. Then I turn it off and step inside. I grab a good handful of Body Polish and smooth it over my entire body. Then (and here's where the magic really happens) I pause for a spell. I close my eyes and breathe deep. I take in all the essential oil goodness and let the stress of whatever in the the world is weighing on me and let it all melt away. I really take my time here. I usually allow the salt to remain on the surface of the skin, for at least...

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