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Skin is More that Meets the Eye!

Caring for ourselves has been twisted into a strange version of its original raison d'etre.  Self-care is cast into an odd light within the context of a culture that doesn't perceive individuals as sovereign unto themselves.  Within the modern western culture of which promotes a victim/bully dynamic of patriarchal systems, self-care's main purpose is to make your appearance match a predefined norm as mate bait, glamour, or camouflage. 

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International Women's (Womb/men's) Day

International Women's Day is special this year because there is a sea change in the mind of humanity.  We are at a planetary precipice, in which we have the hindsight perspective on the closing age of Pisces, the fish, the epoch of the Son, with all of the unrealized promise and potential which it held...This year, we shift into the Aquarian age, and the epoch of the Daughter.  There is once again, great promise and potential.  The welcoming presence of the Divine Feminine is not here to take the CEO job for herself.  Rather she is here to breathe compassion and love into the hearts of all sentient beings who can allow themselves to receive, to be the vessel that is Divine. ...

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Vibrational Hygiene

Ready to Vibe up?   Start with a dry body, grab a good handful of Body Polish and smooth it over your entire body. Then (and here's where the magic really happens)  pause for a spell.  Rolling the salt crystals over the surface is stimulating, but optional.  Allow the salt to remain on the surface of the skin, for at least 7 minutes.  Imagine your inner body as a dark room, and each crystal of salt is a tiny pinpoint of light, sparkling into the dark interior of you.  Each crystal offers a negative charge polarizing and depolarizing in a cycle with positively charged atoms inside your body. The dance of electrons continues as long as the salt crystals are present on the surface.  Negative...

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