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Celebrating Brigid this Imbolc - Our Patron Goddess

Trillium Herbal Company was inspired by the Glow of Goddess magic; Brigid being our Patron Goddess. She shows us the way through to the Triple Goddess aspect.  She holds the Maiden Mother and Crone together, reminding us that life is a journey through these stages, and that these three aspects are all ways within us, ever flowing. The energy is always within us as we grow through the lessons from without and from within.  Trillium celebrates the Triple Goddess in All Ways with our triple spiral symbol. Our Trillium Triple Spiral is encircled by the wheel of life. 

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Vibrational Hygiene

My favorite way to apply Body Polish is to "Polish Dry". Yes, that's right. Dry! I turn on the shower and get it at the perfect temperature. Then I turn it off and step inside. I grab a good handful of Body Polish and smooth it over my entire body. Then (and here's where the magic really happens) I pause for a spell. I close my eyes and breathe deep. I take in all the essential oil goodness and let the stress of whatever in the the world is weighing on me and let it all melt away. I really take my time here. I usually allow the salt to remain on the surface of the skin, for at least...

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